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John Oloo
Happy go lucky
Interests: Cooking, Public Health, Statistics, Mathematics, Computers, Telkom
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Cybersecurity can be quite expensive and there is scarcity of knowledgeable people with the right skills which compounds the problem even further.
Very insightful video, economic stagnation is currently happening to rich and developed countries while emerging economies such as those in Africa are benefiting as there is a lot to be done to catch up and so intuitively it goes without saying there will be a noticeable effect on the per capita of individuals of developing nations who have set right economic priorities and good governance
Healthcare for any administration is a thorn issue and well there is no one approach that is considered a gold standard. But its of importance to public health
Healthcare is an interesting and most debatable issue in any setting for any government and its a carrot and stick situation
Never thought I would equate Moore's law to such a level it makes quite a lot of sense. There is lots of opportunities to invest in emerging markets like those in African markets. But its true that a country's greatest strength lies in its human resource that can do what modern disruptive technology cannot do.
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Very sad state of affairs. Sadly, this is also the first time I have heard of pet insurance but it makes a lot of sense.
Interesting and quite informative
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Quite informative blog
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Gambling has its fair share of blame but on the other hand economies have flourished under it
Excellent read
Quite interesting and well written.
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Interesting read
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Healthcare funding is a tricky affair and one needs a sober approach, maybe classification of diseases and reduction of morbidity may as well work
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Quite informative and well thought out
Sometimes we got to look at the law of diminishing return, increased speed does not always lead to productivity
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Thanks for sharing
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Awesome I must admit!!
I like my cup of coffee, addicted too I must say but moderation is key
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2017 on Age and Diet at Joe Friel
Quite interesting and adventurous!
Quite informative and interesting
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2017 on A Little More on Nutrition at CrossFit Heights
Very informative article and gives insights on products comparison when it comes to meal planning
I can always do with a scoop just with all meals. Too tempting to stay away from Ice cream!!
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