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John Sobieski
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USAF Linquist said 'Their religion can be reformed,but their conspiracies combined with their apparent feelings of helplessness seem to me a very dangerous mixture.' Why do you believe their religion can be reformed? It has had no reform for 1400 years. Turkey is an Islamic state with a veneer of 'secular democracy and is definitely becoming more islamic. The Qur'an had all kinds of verses to prevent that - death to heretics and apostates, blasphemy for the slightest criticism. That's Islam. Conspiracies is endemic in Islam, has been for 1400 years. All that taqiyya they constantly work on the Infidels and on each other. How can anyone in Islam tell what is the truth?
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2005 on The Suicide Plumber at ShrinkWrapped
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