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Jeremy Johnson
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Not band-aid enough for all the recent missteps. I canceled my membership last night.
@Galagatron as @Kale points out, it does serve the same purpose. The SAVED section of either queue is a great reminder of what is coming down the road. In some cases, it is a movie that will NEVER be available to rent on DVD or stream on IW. That means the studio might not allow it or Netflix deems the movie "not popular enough" to purchase more copies. I could then reference that title in my saved queue and decide on how best to pursue other viewing options (buy it, rent it elsewhere, etc). More than anything, I am pissed that we were not given notice of this trimming of features.
Wow, this is terrible news. Like most people, I relied on this feature heavily. Now what? Keep my own queue on a spreadsheet? Utter bullshit. I also noted a while back that when DVDs in your queue appeared in Instant Watch, they will no longer automatically populate your Instant Watch queue. My practice for quite some time has been if I saw the PLAY button appear in my DVD queue, I would just delete that movie from the DVD queue because it was already in my IW queue. Since we were not warned about the change, I lost a bunch of movies from both queues.
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Sep 17, 2011