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This is really great, Eric. I wonder if there might be a bit of dissymmetry between (i), (ii) and (iii) in your formulation, though. It seems like the "social" equivalent of getting fired by a university (ii) or being sent to jail (iii) would be something more severe than "receiving criticism and disapprobation from your peers." Rather, it would be akin to what sometimes gets called "social exile," i.e., being expelled from shared social space in the same way that a university expels one from the work/economic/educational space and the state expels one from civic space. That seems to be what happens in the plagiarist's case that you describe, so I think this suggestion is not inconsistent with your larger argument. This may be a ticky-tack point, but we criticize and/or express disapprobation toward members of our social world all the time and still permit them show up and play. So, it may be worth amping up the severity of your description of (i). Pogge's worry about "trial by Internet," after all, is that its effects are, in the social space, isomorphic with the effects of university judgments in the workspace and state judgments in the civic space. That worry, I suspect, is what gives moral force to his warning (and also to the many calls on the Internet and IRL to "suspend judgment.") I think your piece does a great job of thinking through whether or not there really is isomorphism between (i), (ii), and (iii) here-- I'm not entirely settled on that question myself-- but I think at least posing them as more or less equivalent from the outset might make your case even more persuasively. (Also, thanks for the s/o!)
I'm agreeing (and signing) with the following caveat/suggestion: I really wish that the "October Statement" was a more substantive "statement" (akin to the #SeptemberStatement). I agree with the spirit of many of the above comments, especially with the comment by Nolen Gertz most immediately above mine ("Rankings are antithetical to philosophy."), but I'd feel *much* more comfortable adding my name to a "statement" that required agreement with something more like an argument for the claim "No Rankings, Not Now, Not Ever" rather than a simple declaration of such. Ftr, I'm glad you've done this, JP, and I appreciate the difference that makes a difference btwn the "September" and "October" statements--which I take to be, primarily, the superadded and *principled* objection to the merits of "rankings" in re Philosophy graduate programs INDEPENDENT OF one's judgments of Brian Leiter's particular style of custodial care of those rankings. All that is just to say, yes, please do add my name... but I'd prefer that there was something more closely approximating the substance of the "September" statement in the "October" statement.
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Sep 17, 2010