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Paul Johnson
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When I was in middle school, I was stopped by a Washington County, Oregon sheriff's deputy on Oregon Route 210 (Scholls Ferry Road) in Progress, Oregon just west of McKay Elementary. I was stopped for doing 42 (long hill) in a school zone (20 mph), because I was a child, and therefore, children were present in the school zone. We successfully fought the ticket on the grounds that children have to be external to any vehicles travelling to be considered "present," thus I wouldn't have to slow down for myself and other drivers wouldn't have to slow down to comply (not that it matters, 210 is usually a standstill save for the bicycle lanes and middle schoolers commonly pass cars with a 30+ MPH speed difference on that hill). The ticket was overturned stating that I was, in fact, doing 42 in a 45 zone.
Seems rather odd for them to have had land in Second Life but not a website, and now, vice versa, given their target audience.
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Dec 27, 2009