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Michael Johnston
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OK a beautiful and accurate description of how things are Paula. I am an adoptive dad in what was a two cultural family now three cultural thanks to our youngest. Born and raised into white privilege. And oh boy is it real, the change to understanding of just how real was devastating and shocking. How can people treat my wife so? Even more devastating was when I visited the country of her birth. Her parents were refugees and settled in Finland. It is a ultra mono-cultural country and some elements there are openly hostile to any difference. I have an extensive collection of swearwords abuse and obstruction most too pathetically hilarious to bother with. Being clearly not a Finn they assume I am a Middle Eastern Islamic fanatic. Why I have no idea racism is not at all logical, but a dark skin from many hours at work outside round the world clearly helps them get there. What all this does do is alter my behaviour. I have become much less trusting of people and much more willing to to intervene in situations where my family is involved. Sometimes abuse happens right in front of me, as I cannot possibly be a family member of this group. However I also find all people of colour do not not need or want a white night, they know full well when to do what they need to. Finally I do have sympathy for Flight Attendants of colour. On one of my flights back from a job in Russia the Russian passengers regularly bellowed the N-word (edited) when they wanted a drink. They did not get any nor they they make their connection. Keep telling the truth Paula.
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Oct 25, 2011