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John Archer
EU Hater and Arch-Xenophobe
Interests: getting albion back for britons, getting them back out of it too.
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What are these lies then BOOboid? Give us all the gory details, you peevish retard. You can substantiate your accusations, can't you? By the way, Helen Szamuely ( that's 'Samuely' a f###### 'z' added) has never ever, not ever, not even once, upset me. She's a charming woman, isn't that right, Helen? Yes, it sure is. She even has a gentle warm and loving place in her heart just for me. I know this because she blushes (well she goes red in the face anyway) and often becomes speechless in my company. But then that might just have something to do with my tendency toward extremely foul language -- which I have managed to curb here for the time being -- and the fact that I'm an unreconstructed racist -- or so some diversiphiliacs like to imply. As for Richard North, you really must not keep us all in suspense. We hate being played for fools so you had better dish the dirt on him pronto otherwise we are likely to think it is you who is the liar around here. In fact, that's my default position, BOOtard. By the way, I used to vote tory. Always did. But I don't do that anymore. Then again, I don't vote for UKIP either, and I won't. Neither party recognises the totality of the existential threats facing this country. You all have your heads in the sand or up your arses. (I mean how stupid is that?) Yes, you all know what I'm talking about here even if you're dumb enough to have gained a BA in PPE. "Oh, but they are socialists!" you cry. Well, cry away and chomp down hard on those price-reduced John Lewis pillows of yours, fellows. Yes it is a little sad but you have to keep it in perspective. Believe it or not, there are MUCH bigger ishoos out there than another mere bout of bozo socialism, so get used to it. Besides, you lot are all f###### socialists anyway so no change there. No, if it were down to me, I'd make Nick Griffin Temporary Lord Protector General this instant. Democracy is shot in this country now anyway so we may as well go for a 'strong man' who will at least puts Britons first and not sell us out as the current bunch of traitor-politicos is doing. LibLabCon. Yeah, what a con!
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2009 on The future of Euroscepticism at thetorydiary
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Posted Nov 17, 2009 at John Archer's blog
Simon, Thank you kindly. I hope one day Richard North and Helen Szamuely — and Christopher Booker — get the full recognition and gratitude of the nation they richly deserve. I am very pleased, and relieved, to hear you hold them in high regard too. Good luck, John
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"Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them." Well I'm the author of this one and I approve of it. So put it up, please. You should have the decency to put up a link, at least, to EUReferendum ( and to acknowledge Richard North's and Helen Szamuely's pivotal intellectual contribution on a matter of the greatest national importance, all done without reward and over many years, motivated solely by love of country. Such people are the real heroes here. Please — do the right thing and give them their due. John Archer
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"In Europe but Not Run By Europe" Ha ha ha ho ho ho. Very good. Altogether now: THIS IS WHAT WE CALL MUPPET SHOW-OW
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"I don't go in for foot stamping as it wrecks havoc with my killer heels ;-)" I hope you take them off in the back of the car. Those things can rip the lining out of the ceiling in a flash.
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' Christina, I really take exception to your describing our hard working MEP as an "arch Europhile" ' [Sally Roberts at 12:38] Huh. Did you stamp your foot? You're clearly keen to tell us how you feel on the subject. I guess you think others will be interested. Perhaps you even think it's some kind of argument. If so, what would that be?
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P.S. Graeme Archer, October 06, 2008 at 23:32: "... what's the betting that the Commission will announce that it does indeed require more powerful institutions, like the Fed, in order to take the zone-wide action which the ECB is not able to do now?" You say you are "so ignorant about finance". Perhaps not. Your instincts are bang on. Incidentally, you might want to revise your assessment, viz. "First rate analysis from RL". You and rest of us are being played for fools. ___ Tom H, October 06, 2008 at 23:51 Quite. A cocky bunch of sh*ts too, aren't they?
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"In the rush to set up monetary union in the 1990s not nearly enough thought was given to the necessary political institutions that are required to maintain the euro’s long-term viability." [RL] You've got to be joking. Pull the other one. In fact, I am astonished you actually wrote that. It's not as if, for example, the notion of an "optimal currency area", and what features it might have, were unknown to economists prior to the euro, is it? And no one brought it up? Right. No, there was PLENTY of thought behind the move. This is textbook stuff. It's Economics 101. It is getting on for 40 years ago now but the first book I ever read on economics covered how currencies were managed and what they entail, namely a central authority with full fiscal powers and with, in particular, the absolutely necessary ability to make fiscal transfer payments to any depressed regions in its domain (as, for example, from south to north in the UK) following economic and other shocks that occur unevenly and inevitably from time to time in a single-currency area. I understand (but cannot confirm) that somewhere on the order of 40% of the US Federal budget is taken up by such payments (I don't know what it is for the UK—maybe you could tell me). So NO. These scheming europhiliacs knew PRECISELY what they were up to when they introduced the euro. It was a Trojan horse. More accurately, a whole herd of them. The idea was that as time went by more and more powers would be taken over from the member states—and sold to the gullible public as "necessary and only sensible" or whatever blah blah blah— so that the euro could function as of course a currency should. This gradual accumulation of powers is typical of the salami-slicing technique used elswhere to such effect by those traitorous nation-destroying plotters behind the EU. And of course you can't have the necessary fiscal control without full political control. The plan, therefore, was to use the euro as lever to force gradual total political integration through, typically via opportunistic exploitation of a series of "beneficial crises". Of course the current crisis is potentially one such "beneficial crisis" but perhaps not. It's may be far too big for the EU schemers to handle and with luck will blow them, the euro and the EU to hell. I hope so. By the way, I remember that at the time the euro was introduced—when it looked as though our slimy politicos could railroad us into it too—the BBC and others in the MSM focused almost exclusively on the dumba*se transactional aspects, e.g. not having to change currency on holiday. Al beeb even went as far as patronising innocent but uneducated members of the public in a progamme apparently intended to educate us all and allay our silly little ol' fears about handling the notes and coins of a new currency. A young diffident mum was shown how easy it all was and how silly she was to be concerned. That kind of moronic junk. That was the level of their deliberately dumbed-down debate. Now, they have, and had, plenty of access to economists who could tell them, and everyone else, exactly what a single currency really entails, the IMPORTANT things, but they clearly didn't want the public knowing about them and concentrated on the froth. (Newsnight did the upmarket version of the froth.) All very deliberate in my view. But is it any surprise given that the EU provides nice loans to the BBC and that it is full of Guardian-reader types and other deviants with europhiliac tendencies? Anyway, it was clearly a deliberate disinformation campaign. But back to the mainline... Yet you go on to say, "It should be remembered that no major currency union has survived without political union." Ha ha. You don't say. Now that IS interesting. Do you think the euro planners forgot, or didn't know, or didn't have access to such crucial knowledge? I guess you do, as otherwise you would not have said what you did in the first quote above. It appears you really do believe that simply "not nearly enough thought was given to the necessary political institutions that are required to maintain the euro’s long-term viability." As I say, it's all Economics 101 and, given that you are an economist, I am ....... well, yeah ....... astonished. Or something like that. Right. Do you think Dave's astonished too?
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