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John Wren
Denver, Colorado
Founder & CEO, Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc and Co-Founder of
Interests: Cooperating with local chambers of commerce across Colorado and beyond to start IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops and Franklin Circle Peer Advisory Groups. Creating the new Colorado almanac and small business directory More at Attended Cornell College, University of Denver BA'69 MBA'78. Author of Daring Mighty Things: The Simplest Way to Start Your First (or Next) New Business, now 99-cents on Amazon's Kindle.
Recent Activity
I've been leading brainstorming sessions each week for nearly 20 years. Results vary from session to session, but I know the technique works and am very glad to have found this blog post after receiving a review copy of Lehrer's new book and the release headlined with "Who wouldn't love a book that validates what cubicle workers already know: Brainstorming meetings are a waste of time." USA Today. I've just posted link on and would welcome comments there.
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Mar 23, 2012