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Joi Elece Richard
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I will definitely be using these tips and tricks with my son. I actually just started momentarily when putting him to bed. He turned 2 on Saturday and the boy will not talk. The words that you do understand, are only understandable because of the slur in the word, not because they are crystal clear. Any non-mother that attempted to speak to my child would be dumbfounded, confused, and would say he does not know how to talk. It is so hard. He is stubborn, but where he lacks in communication, he has gained in other ways. He is a very intelligent boy, but it is so frustrating when he makes a sound over and over again, when you ask a question. He gets mad because he is telling me (Literally whatever he is saying, he is purposefully saying it, but to me it sounds like grunts, clicks and audible sign language), I am confused because I am not sure if he wants to drink, pee, or go play. I am going to stick to this, because something has to give. nay additional advice would be awesome
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Feb 18, 2013