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Vote! Because you can't not win. You're a rockstar!!! Except for the staying up late part, I do everything else.... Does getting up during all hours count? And my audience just learned to clap! It's so exciting!
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2012 on parents are rock stars at Crappy Pictures
That was pretty much my childhood. Although, there are things that I've used to "childproof." Like the chairs. On top of vents... keeps him from pulling off vent tops and droping toys down them. Especially since we onlt rent, we don't own. No extra holes in the floors. I was actually listin to Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck today, and they said some similar things as your "disclaimer." I think that today's society has over protected our children to such an extent that normal parenting and discipline will be seen as abuse or illegal. I guess it's actually floating around out there that getting your kids to do chores will be against child labor laws. I also believe that parents were better drivers before thier children were so severly belted down and all panels within the vehicle have air bags. People believe that cars are so safe that they fail to take simple precautions while driving. On that note, my not-quite-one-year-old is a very curious child. I will never be able to keep him bubble wraped because he will Houdini himself out of it. He likes electronics. He likes to see how things work. He likes dirt. Really likes dirt. He grabbed a handful out of a potted plant today... The point is, I will let him explore his environment and make his own mistakes. Of course, I will keep him from doing extremely stupid things like his daddy did when he was a kid. Thank you for doing a "thinker" post. I liked it! And as always, to each thier own in parenting and life!
COFFEE! I was kind of addicted during my pregnancy and mommy is an altogether happier person once her blood stream has been replaced by caffinated goodness. My other is painting my nails after the kidlet goes to bed. Last night was glitterific! The previous set was tiger stripes. It amuses me so. :)
Lunner. WE have brunch, now we have lunner. And for good measure I tack on "insta-" to just about anything. Like when we made a baby... insta baby! OR bam, mommy made insta-dinner!
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2011 on made up words (or, portmanteau) at Crappy Pictures
We were part of the storm system here in Maine. Didn't do too much, but apparently no one trick or treats here. I'm from Colorado, so I'm totally used to it, and I even found a little pumpkin costume for my now 9.5 mo old. We had one girl, and I knew she was coming. :(
Closet? What closet? It the place were non-child proofed objects dissapear to. Because he hasn't figured out how to open those doors yet... It's only a matter of time before that changes... :(
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2011 on my closet, before & after kids at Crappy Pictures
Get better! Mono sucks. I watched my brother go through it. He was out for 2 months. His was complicated with athsma, though. So you should be fine! We'll look forward to seeing a recovery post when you are... recovered!
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2011 on mama needs a break at Crappy Pictures
My hubby totally has food baby syndrome... although not as pronounced as mine... We have chicken pot pie in the "oven." It was yummy :)And I'm going to be adding lasagna next! dinner time!
I totally remember that feeling! But you may not pop the turkey timer! I didn't, though it was a very near thing. :)
No one wants to know what the heck is in the van... Even me... plus it's cold out side and I'm doing laundry. Also, VOTE! Last check only 4 vote difference. Come on kids! Don't let Amber down!
Hehehe... My house to a "T." Only my living room has bottles everywhere. And the kitchen is mostly spotless... mostly.
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Aug 17, 2011