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New Zealand
CEO Bestsellerlabs
Interests: art, marketing, advertising, BRAND, art direction, jazz piano ...
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Richard, I suspect you may be right about the 'gag reflex' kicking in. We need time to digest all that magic. I attended a 3 day boot camp on "story" with Robert McKee back in 2000. We had just begun to hear about the possibility of a new Star Wars movie "The attack of the clones". The anticipation was already huge. McKee made us all write down the importance of this from a "movie marketing" perspective. One of my class mates was Peter Jackson. I guess he wasn't entirely convinced considering the close spacing of "Lord Of The Rings" series.
Your posts endlessly fascinating Richard. We have had Cracker Jacks here in the South Pacific since the 1950s. Jonathan
Hi David Your own brand of infectious enthusiasm has persuaded me to join the queue for this book. (A little enthusiasm goes a LONG way!) Jonathan Gunson
Hi David I learned something game changing today from this interview - a huge secret in fact: Seth proposes that an artist succeeds by working right at the edges of the box, but not outside it. The more I think about that, the more impactful it becomes. I'm an artist of sorts, and forever I have thought that I was merely stretching things a bit but not being radical enough. Bottom line is I realise now that I was simply at the 'far edge', and that being there and not beyond it meant my Art was able to be understood, because a fragment of the original frame of reference remained intact for those still centered in the middle of the box. They NEEDED that frame to understand the message from the edge. This is a revelation for me that I am about to apply to a very large art / life / charity project I'm working on. As always Jonathan
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Feb 8, 2010