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I want to make sure I understand your India example. Were the planters being encouraged to be bi vocational? In other words, 'work a day job?'
The other factor I should mention is that we do live in a poor (slow gentrification is happening) predominately non white area. The church was planted by a non profit from a denomination. IMO Fundraising is in the the DNA Thanks for the comment Dan, I guess I would want to know class wise who your fellowship is. Ms. Dale. I hear your concern. Sometimes I feel like firing everyone (at least the non profit arm) and start over with plain ol discipleship
Mr. Hubbell and Ms. Dale, As an elder I've debated point six with the pastor of our fellowship. Currently our church of 100+ is supported nationally by people giving while the local fellowship gives a percentage. There's transparency with the money. We know that it goes mainly to staff. I've argued that I'm not sure if this is a continued thing thing BUT a once-in-a-while thing. I always go, 'Paul made tents to.' I feel there's a dependancy being built up with gifts always coming and not enough leaders being built locally. Can a local fellowship be continually funded nationally?
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Jul 13, 2011