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Art Artistry, you advertise on the hackingnetflix website. Oh wait... you don't? What have you got against the website? Do you not want to associate yourself with the word 'hacking' or do you disagree with the promotion of online streaming? It's non of the above, you don't advertise on hackingnetflix because you just don't. You are not require to explain why. But if someone claimed you were, you would correct them yes?
Art, Netflix doesn't have to choose any sides, all they've said is that we don't advertise on Rush's show, all they're doing is correcting an misconception because of a error.
@AnusGrabber, never really said I hated the guy. And it's kind of worrying that you seem to think you have me sussed out from one paragraph. In light of Rush's recent actions regarding birth control pills, I can quite honestly say I have no respect for anything he says, and who he is as a public figure. If you want to continue a political discussion probably best outside of this website. As for netflix making it clear that they do not sponsor the show, it's a very very wise move, especially since a higher % of netflix's subscribers will be more liberal compared to the general public.
Disappointed with the comments so far. IF Netflix were advertising on Rush's show, it would mean Netflix would be giving Rush some of your money to pay for the show. As a customer of Netflix, this disgusts me as Rush is a loon and spouts BS on his show that's factually incorrect most of the time, and the rest is his own twisted opinion.
How will the USA cope with such an influx of unemployment! I blame netlfix for the entire recession.
I don't really get why it isn't as simple as 'lets deliver the mail only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.' Sure jobs will be lost, but gas prices, majority of running costs and wages will be halved. Do we really need mail EVERY day in this day of age?
Wow that's a big increase. I'll certainly be dropping down from 2 dvd's out to 1.
Yep same with me, was able to get access to Nextflix on the ps3 100% of the time the PSN was out. I'm not sure if people just didn't try quitting the log in screen, or they genuinely had issues but mine was fine.
@Ctaber I had the same problem. Something to do with x and y not syncing at the nextflix databases. They told me they're working on it. I removed my blu-ray access (my netflix would default to blu-ray) as sometimes I wanted dvds to watch on my laptop.
Yup, I could log onto netflix in the outage too. I believe everyone could if they just canceled the PSN sign in screen a couple of times.
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May 18, 2011