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Wow, these are amazing pictures. Looking at them got me really excited for my trip next summer. My boyfriend and I just got a really good deal on a Tuscany villa rental for 2 weeks from I can't wait to see the scenery and do lots of eating and wine tasting.
I agree with HarveyD. The post office would seriously benefit if they switched their fleet trucks to e-vehicles. My boyfriend is a mailman and he tells me how bad the trucks they use now are and how much gas they go through.
Nice post. I just bought my first house and every time it rains I get water in the basement. I never had a basement growing up so I don't know much about this kind of thing. I have a french drain and a sump pump already so my basement shouldn't be flooding. I am going to have to get someone that does basement waterproofing in Cleveland to come out and tell me what I should do.
I don't have any plumbing skills at all. I was having water coming from the bottom of my toilets and I tried to fix them but only made it worse. I had to get a Cleveland plumber to come fix it for me. I will never try to fix a plumbing problem again. Here is the link for the plumber if anyone is in need of a great plumber.
My dad's birthday is coming up and I want to get him something special this year. Last year I let the kids pick out what to get him so he ended up getting 2 gas grill covers from He liked them but I want to get him something meaningful this year. Thanks for sharing.
I was looking up the Pittsburgh weather radar, I am trying to plan an outdoor kids birthday party. I am glad I am not near Jefferson. My car can't handle floods. I have already been through a new engine because I got stuck in a flood. Thanks for sharing Wes.
That hybrid truck is awesome! I was looking up Itaipu Binacional to get a better understanding of what it actually was. My friends were just talking about it and it peeked my interest. It's nice to see Iveco collaborating with Itaipu Binacional, sounds like a really good thing. Thanks so much for sharing!
Great post. My very first car was a 1996 Chevy Lumina. I loved it! I now have a 2011 Chevy Malibu but it is running a little funny so I might have to take it to the chevrolet service center ( I am a Chevy girl for life!
Great post. I think I spend most of my day looking up womens fashion. I love Steve Madden shoes, I think they are the most comfortable heals that I own. I think those shoes are adorable and could go with anything. Every girl should have a pair like that. I was just reading this nice fashion blog ( and they have really cute shoes on there just in case your interested. Thanks for sharing, and I will definitely have to look more into those shoes.
This is so cool. I love that sink! My friend found some auto parts accessories at and I am doing a little research to see if I can find better deals. So far I am not having any luck. I am going to get some extra parts so I can make something cool out of it. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
Great post. I went to a south New Jersey ford dealer ( to trade in my car for something a little more environmentally friendly. I can't believe how much the energy costs and co2 wastes are reduced. Thanks so much for sharing.
Great post. I was looking up Doylestown heating when I came across your post. I just bought a house and the heating system is very old so I was thinking about updating it to something a little more efficient. Thanks for sharing.
Great post. I am doing research for a paper that I am writing on disaster recovery solutions. It is always a good idea to be prepared for anything that life throws your way. Thanks so much for sharing.
Great post. My friend Lisa had an accident not that long ago so I have been looking for information like different structured settlement companies to help her. I will have to send this to her along with this one. Thanks so much for sharing.
Great post. My friend Lisa had an accident not that long ago and I have been looking up any kind of information to help her. Thanks for the great information, I will have to send her this post along with this one.
Great post Russell. I have been looking up the different kinds of temperature measurement devices for a paper that I am writing. Thanks so much for sharing this great information, it is very helpful!
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2013 on An observer's prediction at Arctic Sea Ice
Great post. I am writing a paper about performance management so I have been doing a lot of research. That is how I came across your post. I am glad I did because this has been very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing. Here is another helpful site if anyone is interested.
Great post! I love the style of this house. I was looking up nationwide modular homes when I came across your post. My boyfriend and I were thinking about getting a modular home soon. I had no idea you could get one that looks like this. I guess we have more research to do. Thanks so much for sharing, this was very helpful.
Great post. I was just on looking up Dodge auto parts. My car has a few problems that needs to be fixed. I just am not a big fan or pep boys or advance auto. I will have to check this out, thanks so much for sharing and giving me more options.
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Jan 31, 2013