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That's one serious workaround - hopefully future versions will be able to leverage the existing linework in a more user friendly and dynamic way
I assume you also need to create closed boundaries after using the MPEDIT command?
No sign of this SP for it really released yet??
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Thanks for this: I hadn't spotted the tool had graduated from the Toolbox in 2014 to the Ribbon in 2015...:)
Were those solids extracted in C3D 2015 as I can't see the tool (it is in 2014 though)??
Pretty sure that Infraworks 360 is essentially a new paid-for product i.e. not a subscription upgrade to Infraworks 2014 R2 or Autodesk 360
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Having just upgraded to IDSP 2014 from Civil 3D 2013, I'm keen to explore applications for Infraworks and 3ds Max that are not roads related i.e. non linear projects e.g. windfarms, earthworks platforms and mining etc. It would be good if some tutorial material on these uses could be provided by Autodesk
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2013 on InfraWorks for Mining Projects at BIM on the Rocks
It would have been slicker had the ribbon that is available in vanilla AutoCAD been included in the standard setup for Civil 3D. I have now modified my ribbon to include it
Seems to be an issue with GENIO and CIVL VIEW - Setup was unable to detect any target appications for AutoCAD
Yes that's all I can see. Are there any differences in the UKIE template in the currently available version and the upcoming British English version?
Any more news on a likely release date (days/weeks??) for the British English version. I have installed the US English version but am not using it in anger yet as I don't want to do all my customisations again...
Which version (British or US) is in the IDSP Premium 2014 download?
I agree - can't see why you'd want to display the centroid projection other than for a "visual" purpose to convey intent to a planning authority or public display exhibition. In purely engineering terms you'd normally just require the actual position rather than centroid so probably a good thing to be able to have the choice although arguably the centroid option should be on the tick box?
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Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2013 on How Do You Say DWG? at Between the Lines
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Hmmmm....not a very compelling new feature set if you are not into pressure pipes..!!!
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I imagine 2D is far simpler to program than 3D but it all seems extremely complicated....which is why I just stick to being an end user rather than a developer...:-)
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As a total non-programmer, I'm guessing that a unified GS may be programatically more efficient?
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Reading between the lines, I'd say that Autodesk are looking to consolidate the graphics engines from 2 to 1, although I'm sure Kean couldn't possibly comment...!!!!:)
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What if it's a georeferenced map image or similar??
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I'd have thought the "software as a service" model is inevitable for AutoDesk at some point in the future. If you are a small company and need a licence for say a 3 month project then the SAAS model could provide the flexibility you need. I'm not a huge fan of reliance on the cloud due to reliability issues e.g. Wifi/3G network coverage problems but it has its uses
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2013 on Don't be a Technology Armadillo at Between the Lines
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If there will be the facility to input manually (like we do with the current Borehole Importer tool) then this would be a useful workaround. I still think there's a long way to go to prise AGS data from various clients (some are even reluctant to issue CAD drawings..!!) even with the current BIM buzzwords
If it can be used in Civil 3D, I could be very happy..:)..the native Keynetix functionality is certainly very impressive...I look forward to the AU2012 presentation Just need to convince consultants etc to provide AGS data files rather than scanned pdfs of the logs :(
Whilst you obviously can't comment on unreleased products, I hope that this won't just be restricted to the Infrastructure Design Suite products and that those of us on subscription (using Plain old Civil 3D) won't be left out in the cold...!!!!!
This looks like a fantastic tool - I get data like this all too often
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2012 on X-Section to Surface at Transportation
Support call is already logged. I reset the C3D_UKIE profile in Options > Profiles which seems to be the accepted workaround and it all seems to be fine again