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cheripicker, Ditto, Instead of arguing the merits of the discussion, attack the way the discussion was introduced, mis-characterize it as grandstanding, just because you have this notion that the library staff was ambushed, which is completely untrue. Could it possibly be that Danny Thompson had some constituents ask him to bring this up? If not done in the public forum of a council meeting what action do you think the library staff would take? Take a guess. NADA The public is not served in any way by NOT filtering porn at the library. Let's see some arguments on the merits of not filtering porn instead of attacking a council member who is acting on his constituent's concerns. Take your best shots, but your arguments have little merit.
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I just don't get it. What is the rationale for NOT filtering porn at the library? No child should even accidentally be able to access that crap at the public library. Why are we in the "enable bad behavior" mode? Let the creeps who want to access porn actually pay for it via the free market. The libraries mission is not to allow unlimited internet access, but to provide a portal for information and education. Instead every left winger here wants to make this a "censorship" or "free access" issue when it's really the same old entitlement crap. Let the government give you access for free. If the information(porn) is available elsewhere, then the library is not infringing on your right to access. On another note, isn't it sad that we need security guards at our libraries and schools? If Greensboro is such a great place to live why is this so? Not every community has this problem.
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Aug 6, 2010