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This chapter seems to play in my head thru & thru; reaching out to those in need. For a time, I lived that life when it 'seemed' no one wanted to bother with me... perhaps that's when God was teaching my soul about HIS Word & Compassion for others? I suppose our life experiences are a sermon in itself... to allow us to look toward Our Creator in all we do. Thanks Kerry for sharing the truth. QUESTION: there's soooo many different charities out there these days asking for money to support... Of course I can give to them all so HOW do you decide which ones to give??? {Besides showHope that is} ;-) Thanks Kerry for all you do for His Children!!! =) In Christ, ~Joni
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2009 on When Did I See You Lord? at Kerry Hasenbalg
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Nov 18, 2009