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While in the past, I've written how easy it is to produce a slow levain, recently my boasting turned flat. Concretely, I found it wasn't... Continue reading
Posted 5 hours ago at STIR THE POTS
Zopf is something between challah and brioche, main difference, it's less enriched or sweet, and it's from Switzerland. Sundays were the days we'd enjoy zopf... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at STIR THE POTS
After a five-hour winding road trip up the California coast to San Francisco, I went to lunch at Pim Techamuavivit's Khin Khao. The flavors were... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at STIR THE POTS
Hi Emil, They're olive oil brioche...just used oil instead of butter.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2018 on House-made Buns at STIR THE POTS
Arriving home from visiting my sister in Basel, a few days later I was nostalgic for Swiss bread. Adapting a recipe from a book produced... Continue reading
Posted Nov 12, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Zencancook. Actually Stephane, the wonderful guy who runs that blog, can cook. Unfortunately, he's no longer blogging, but lucky for the world, he left it... Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Visting my brother in California, my first stop was to baker Pascal Rigo's La Boulagerie de San Francisco. Actually, I had initially tried Chad Robertson's... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
The formula is in a file somewhere....but the anpan, and tanzhong day I'll try to post it, here or in my book! Thanks, Jeremy
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2018 on Miso Umami at STIR THE POTS
While wandering through Long Island City this past summer, luck led me to discover Chef Keizo Shimamoto's pop-up ramen noodle shop. Though it lacked a... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Pain Baloise (Baseler brot) comes from my sister's region of Switzerland. While visiting her a few summer's ago, I enjoyed a loaf baked by our... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Thank you Johanna, Your events are always a great learning experience!! Merci
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2018 on Swedish Cinnamon Buns at STIR THE POTS
Kannelbullensdag is a Swedish holiday for celebrating a type of bread. Actually a bun I learned about it via Javier Marca of Panic and Johanna... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Socca, is a childhood memory passed to me from my mother. She brought these delicious chickpea crepes from Provence. Though our loved ones pass, they... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
As autumn moves into winter, it feels like summer was just yesterday. Specifically, my trip to visit family in Switzerland. Below is a photo of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 21, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Exacto...sublime..clean flavors!
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2018 on Glacé (El Bertin) at STIR THE POTS
So one of our last rode trips was to Schaffhausen, an idyllic and historically filled village, with a huge hill to climb up to a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Visiting Switzerland this past summer, one of our day trips led us through the alps to an open-air museum in the town of Ballenberg. Celebrating... Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
As usual my sister is filled with a busy schedule, and that includes making läckerli, my brother in-laws favorite go to cookie for office parties;... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Visiting Colmar on a day trip from Basel on my annual trip to Switzerland, luck led me to Restaurant Ramloc. The chef's wife told us... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Eccoli qua! Sabino Spadaccino in action, making a glorious feast on my visit to Ticino. Here he does a panzerotti, an Apulian savory turnover often... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Sitting on the Rhine river in Basel Switzerland, Xocolatl is a cafe that specializes in fair-trade coffee and chocolate. Known as "bean-to-bar, it's a lovely... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Visiting Basel while in Switzerland to see my sister, we met up with Sabino Spadaccino and his beautiful wife, Suzanne Schmollgruber. Together, we took a... Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Hi Viviana, No sorry, just photo's, the course was seriously hands on! Cheers, Jeremy
My sister, who lives in Basel, finally got a small Delonghi espresso maker. Visiting her, it struck me that the coffee she uses wasn't doing... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2018 at STIR THE POTS
Visiting Switzerland to see my sister for a few weeks, one day we drove to Freiburg, Germany. The purpose was to visit Michael Schulze, the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2018 at STIR THE POTS