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But, if I may, doesn't that make is even more illogical? Ur saying that you dont think there even are any firsts to me made last. Stocki's example of firsts were those who pass gcse's and are dedicated talented sports people. He seems to be saying they're screwed. Sheesh. Following the logic, there's almost something of the jihadi about it... don't worry there are many riches in heaven etc
Excuse the critique, but ...I've always thought there's a bit of logic problem in this. If the last become first and the first last, then are the newly appointed last, going to be first again in an endless loop. If not, it seems harsh on the 'first'. In fact how are we defining 'firsts'? If I save money and not buy fancy cars and instead invest in my kids education and well-being giving then the best start in life (or if they have the misfortune to be talented or beautiful)... Then they become 'first' are they doomed to be 'last'? Obviously it's a nice thought that 'it will all be alright in the end for people who have it tough', but just believing it doesn't make it so. I'd say the 'lasts' tend to have their lot in life improved through politics, medical and other scientific research and practical help from others. I think you are over selling the revolutionary nature of it as well, isn't it really just a bit like socialism
i've really no idea what jobs you are talking about that would sack you for having an affair with the ex of a colleague, or indeed for anything to do with your (legal) private life. I'd imagine any company that tried would get sued to kingdom come. Apart from that - yeah.
Stocki. i'm not sure your analysis is on the money here. first off, the rooney thing, why shouldnt they appeal? may as well. it was a harsh 3 game ban really, no one was injured, it was a petulent wee kick, not cheating or reckless, and there was no reason not to appeal. NI would do the same. as for UK in europe. i wonder how many referenda would pass if this treaty was put to the countries. i suspect it would fail in ireland, france and many others, and what does that tell us? the point is that no country should be tied to rules like this when the people don't have the direct ability to over turn those rules at an election. its about democracy, its not about wanting to be set apart from the club. UK gives a huge amount in overseas aid, and engages in the world a lot more than most. how are the uk keeping them captive? the euro was a huge arrogance, and a greedy folly, the UK prophesied against it, and was ignored. be careful not to fall into anglophobia, and , n irish arrogance, which in my experience exists more than an english one.
i don't think there's anything inevitable about things getting better all by themselves. just that my analysis is that they , in very general terms, have. i guess it all comes down to what you choose as the measures. if you use eating disorder, depression, obesity, facebook use as your weather vanes then the graph might go in one direction, if you use life expectancy, education levels, human rights, infant mortality, etc etc the graph maybe goes another way. i guess if broken means non-perfect, which in a sense i guess it does, then yeah, its a fair analysis. but then again one mans perfection is another mans broken. i stand by that i'd rather bring up a child today than 500 years ago, even though there might gave been less eating disorders. don't preach that everything is getting better so you can do nothing, preach that things have gotten better in a lot of very important areas, and here's why, these are the tools we used to make it so, this is what we did as a society to bring that about... now there are other things we need to work on, very important things... lets do it !
some good points, well made. i'd like to think theres a middle ground however between ideas of inevitable continuous progress and inevitable regress. 'Broken' seems a bit binary to me. The human project is a complex and weaving process, its a moment since we were swinging in the trees. It depends of course on the things you value... if you think that homosexuals should be stoned, then we've regressed, if you think women shouldnt have the vote then we've regressed, if you think wikipedia, facebook and are bad things... etc etc . consumerism is less of a problem than, say slavery and small pox. perhaps. anyway, i think my main point (apart from the ramble) is that 'broken ulster' is a bit binary, alarmist and rhetorical.
I slightly wonder about the comparative anlaysis of reports like this. more broken than when? 30 years ago, 60 years, 100, 200? There may be more divorce but there is more freedom and equality for women and maybe they no longer stay in abusive relationships, or feel that they need to be ceremonially married to reproduce (just a comment not an explanation of course). my great grandfather would have expected to live until his 60s, my grandfather to his 70s my dad to 100? and me??? with a far more healthy and educated life. my great-grandmother may have had to work in a work house just to not die of starvation, and maybe buy shoes for my grandfather. Her husband would have been free to beat her and treat her as property without any recourse to the law. broken ulster? she could have expected a fifth of her children to die before the age of 3. The air was thick with smog (ive gone Dickensian now havent i!! :) ), before the 1950s there wasn't even a national heath service, minimum wage. 70 years ago nazism engulfed europe, 50 years ago stalin threatened the same! 200 years ago we still had human slavery!! maybe not in ulster, i grant you and on top of that NI is recovering from 30 years of civil war and religious/cultural schism. im not sure that a child born in the last 10 years is born into a more broken ulster than 30,60,100, 200 years ago. i fear that unless we acknowledge the achievements and progress then we stall it.
interesting. i wonder though if you are being harsh on Alex Kapronos, or misunderstanding. not that im a big fan... i think he's probably talking about his belief that art should be 'show, don't tell'. he maybe thinks that some rock singers can fall into a trap of stepping outside of their discipline and lurch into , well, evangelism for whatever cause/politics they hold dear. if its 'telling you what to think' its not art, he's right.
Is it not a good human nature not to settle for enough, to strive for better. to reach for the stars, to invent new medicines,labour saving devices, embrace new cultures, new communication technolgy. it has its ugly side, but can we really have progress when people settle for enough? i guess its the communist question, which isnt an easy one.
Grizzly Bear's track wouldn't have worked (even though its a great album) RATM was a good choice, in the round. I'm not as pessimistic as you re the music industry. The 'machine' has less power than any time in history over what we listen to. I get Spotify links from my mates and within seconds I'm listening, and within days i'm passing on the tip if i like it. people can make quality records in their bed room one evening, and have it available to the public all over the world, by the next morning. X-factor churns out one type of music, for which there is a place, i don't think there is as much of a danger of it taking over as you think. PS: can't deny i enjoyed xfactor. good entertainment, cheesy drama, perfect with a saturday chinese. these things can definitely be taken to seriously. Joe is better than anything Stock, Akain and waterman spuued out, for instance. better x-factor hogging the xmas number 1 or sir-cliff?...hmmm
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Dec 21, 2009