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HBO makes great documentaries that aren't publicized to non-subscribers. ESPN has been producing some good docs too. I like it.
I think I only use four. Fifty sounds like an awful lot.
I hope CNN scoops up Olbermann very quickly to regain some credibility.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2011 on Say It Aint So, KO at Queen Mediocretia of Suburbia
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Thank you. I wish people would realize that numbers like this are bogus. There are parts of St. Louis I wouldn't visit in the dark (like that's a deterrent) but it's not nearly as bad people think.
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People like John are part of the problem. They want the ideal rating system but aren't willing to rate any movies. Much like people who don't vote, this guy shouldn't have any say. On the other hand, I've rated 13,829 movies and Netflix still does a mediocre job recommending movies for me. The whole system is flawed. We'd be better off with an average rating of critics (like Metacritic) rather than spewing flawed numbers from people who don't take the system seriously.
I agree with slider121. It's much easier to watch premium television like The Soprano's and Dexter through Netflix than HBO or Showtime. HBO is so out-of-touch they don't even offer their shows through iTunes. I wanted to watch "Hard Knocks" but I couldn't get it online or OnDemand. I was willing to pay for individual episodes but it was not available anywhere. Because of the timely nature of "Hard Knocks," they don't even put it out on DVD. So, I downloaded pirated episodes without the slightest bit of guilt.
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May 7, 2010