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Me again... In my humble opinion Marketing is far too complex than just search ("likes", fans, comments etc) and digital marketing ain't going to be the silver bullet. . How about branding, pricing, quality, promotion, logistics, consumer behavour etc etc. As much as I love to simplify thing. Marketing is way more complex.... That's all from me :)
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Indeed however (okay the academic in me comes out - love the word "however") in a way one really you can't 'blame' them afterall, it has been put forward by Google that 8 out 10 users go online to search with an intention hence proponents of SEO and SEM put this thought forward which is why meetings tend to get into the business of search when discussing a brand strategy online) afterall people are online in search for questions and answers so people say....and some say that "you can have the best website but if no one knows about it, its really no point" hence the search strategists come into the picture - we need to drive traffic there for you! so they say :) SEO and SEM is used interchangeably and I cringe when i hear that. the latter is paid and the former is organic...and the former is more trustworthly? as compared to SEM (PPC - here is another acronym for you mate)... Well to end, search is only one variable in the whole digital thingy - there are many other variables at and offline...and dont forget this online, users are in control (and brands cringe when they hear that). Opps forgot something, with regards to your subject question, well, as you know SEO takes time to gather traction whereas SEM takes about 10 mins to set the campaign up - so it depends what you want a tactical campaign or strategic or both...and what's your objective..
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May 30, 2010