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Evan Rosen
My colleagues and clients call me “the collaboration guy” because I spend much of my time thinking, researching, writing and speaking about every facet of collaboration.
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Thank you for the comment, Ramkumar! Empathic design is an inherently collaborative process. And you're right. The Epson example is a double collaboration--engineers and developers collaborating to create the product so that consumers can collaborate while using the product.
Thank you for your comment, Kristin! Whether it's tea or coffee, sharing something with others fosters informality which is critical to collaboration. I agree that your Swedish roots played a role!
Thank you for your comment, Bob, and for sharing the VINNOVA report. The report also suggests that while the Swedish government is committed to the concept of collaboration, government agencies have difficulty collaborating in practice. One reason, according to the report, is that agencies are organized to be independent rather than interdependent.
Thank you, Kare, for spreading the word. The Myelin Repair Foundation is clearly a model for other organizations and initiatives focused on developing cures for diseases.