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Jordan Hoffman
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It's a real concern. From a purely selfish perspective, I shiver to think of a world where Eric Clapton didn't get addicted to heroin. The music he recorded once he started using the stuff (the Derek and the Dominoes years) really changed my life at a young age, and led me on a path to explore the "jam rock" I listen to constantly. Heroin nearly killed him, and once he got clean he never ever did anything remotely as good. And the earlier stuff is good for the occasional Scorsese montage, but doesn't have the transcendent quality of his heroin years. This is, I'm sure, just one example pulled out of a hat, but it is one I think about when I think about addiction and creativity.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2014 on Heroin and creativity at Some Came Running
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Dec 30, 2009