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Hey guys, Just wondering if you've seen a shortcut for reset all appearances. With the 2013 version of NW, we're able to have our team use Freedom to actually see what the items are that are clashing. Only problem is, they can't see where it is unless they reset the colors. I can make this happen with my Razer N52 but, I'd like to have a shortcut key I could point them to so they can make this as painless as possible. Any ideas?? Did I miss one somewhere?? Thanks, PJ
Anything having to do with 'the cloud' will definitely rule out any high-end technology design companies as our clients will NOT allow thier designs to reside on 'the cloud'. IP is a HUGE concern with these companies and during a time when other projects are scrambling for dollars to start construction, our client is working on multiple designs on a world-wide level. Hopefully there will be further development as we've done in the past where we can keep the files on local servers that we need to access. I'd also like to 2nd the Android request. PJ
I take it the feature with the icons on the sets pallette is a 2013 feature? :(
Hopefully Autodesk won't start forcing us to the 'Cloud'. Our worldwide client has a SERIOUS problem with thier files being outside of thier control. We can't even used the Autocad or Autocad 123 program because it's all cloud based.
Another very common issue that I see with the Autocad MEP cousins of Revit MEP is along the exact same lines. My users will draw 3D pipes in Autocad MEP and when they save, the pipes don't show in NavisWorks. The problem comes from the Style Manager, Piping Objects, Pipe System Definitions, (insert system name here), Single Line Graphics. You should see a couple of boxes that are checked and they're basically saying if the pipe is less than or equal to a set value, they will show as single lines. Since NavisWorks is basically a very powerful Adobe Reader, it will display what you would normally plot. If that box is checked, it will plot that pipe as a single line. Most us up turn off 2d lines in NavisWorks (I hope) and therefore, we won't see the piping. An easy way to tell if they have that box checked is to take a look at the Autocad MEP drawing and see if you see a centerline in the 3d pipe itself. That's a dead giveaway that the box is selected.
Hey guys, where can I get a trial of Constructware? I've been to the Autodesk site, filled out all the info and haven't heard a thing back. I'm on a huge project and I'd definitely like to give Constructware a run instead of resorting to Prolog like we've had to on previous contracts. Mainly looking to coordinate the clash viewpoints through various stages with multiple subs all contributing status updates. This can definitely be something we'll adopt in the future if we can get it working the way we think it should on this project. Let me know if you can point me in the right direction or point someone to me to talk about it. I'm in Ireland these days so there's a bit of a time difference. Any help and ideas are greatly appreciated. Paul
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May 24, 2012