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I don't know the answer but I will look into it...It would be an interesting addition to the story.
To Above Avg. Citizen, I wasn't offended but thank you for your thoughtfulness. I am hoping you will get a chance to stop by our exhibit because one of the questions we pose (and try to answer) is "what is it about Rye (a rather small city without a large pool of potential athletes)that has produced so many strong teams and stellar individual athletes?" I'll be interested to get some feedback on this question. I don't presume to have the answers, but I find it fascinating.
To Above Avg. Citizen, The Rye Historical Society Exhibit on "The History of Sports in Rye" will run until September 30. We will continue to roll out stories of sports in Rye. Come visit the exhibit (in the Square House) and help fill in the blanks in our story.
To Mudville Nine, I believe the jersey reads "Bullets" which was one of the original Rye Little League Teams. Come visit the exhibit at the Square House and look at what else we have.
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Feb 14, 2012
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