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Thanks Amilcar--from what I understand, A-rod had the hybrid procedure with the expectation of having more serious surgery later on, but he progressed so well that they basically said he didn't the second procedure. I believe he still is supposed to get more time off than he otherwise would, and hopefully they will stick with that--he struggled early on when they didn't give him any time off--but no surgery is better than surgery. As for a Mike Lowell situation, I don't know. I certainly hope not though
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Two things I don't want to see articles about but undoubtedly will: 1. The Twins are scrappy, small-market underdogs. Last I checked, the Twin Cities support teams from all four major sports, and they have a brand new stadium opening. The Mauer contract puts them over $100M for their 2011 payroll, and between the new stadium and new ownership (Carl Pohlad's son seems a little less stingy than his father was), they have cash aplenty. 2. Mauer took a hometown discount to play for his hometown team. While the bidding war that would have ensued between the Yankees and Red Sox would undoubtedly pushed Mauer's pricetag over the $200M threshold, the contract he wound up signing is the fourth largest contract in the history of the sport, and in 2018, the Twins will be paying their 36-year old catcher $23M. That doesn't sound like much of a discount
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Longoria played a full season last year (157 games) and had a ridiculous April and May but from June 1st on he hit .257/.347/.475/.822
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Thanks SoxandSons--when I wrote this, I fully expected it to be Tex in a walk, and he does have the longer track record of performing at that level (hence his large contract), but for the past couple of years Youk has been nearly as good (08) or better (09) on offense, and he is no slouch defensively either. It's really a push, but the added versatility involved in him being able to play third (and play it well) gives him an edge.
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Youkilis did plenty of damage--Tex has the edge in the counting stats, but he also had 119 more plate appearances than Youkilis, who missed some time in May, August, and September with a back strain (I think it was a back strain--some Sox fan correct me if I'm wrong). That's about an extra month's worth of games As for the contracts, John Lackey is making $18M next year and Jon Lester is making $3.75M. It's not because Lackey is better. Contracts are a function of service time more than talent--if Tex only had five years of service time, he would be making about the same as what Youkilis is making next year too. They are about even, I only gave Youk the edge because he has the extra versatility of being able to play third
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Mar 14, 2010