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@ SJC I think the performance with the 2.7 liter V6 is not very good because the transmission has 4 speeds only. The car would perform much better with a 6 or 7 speed DCT transmission.
Anne, very good! also look at this: Wintermane, a German company makes wind turbines which do not have a mechanical transmission and require very little maintenance.
@ Treehugger In Europe and Japan, "Road Presence" has a different meaning, it means having a 3 or 4-cylinder, small, NICE LOOKING vehicle.
"The Edge is over 4000 pounds and might not perform well with a 4 cylinder." 500 Nm = 369 lb-ft of torque should be good enough to move the Edge and this high torque can be obtained from the new turbo-diesel, 4-cylinder, 2.15-litre M-B engine.