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Writer, blogger, and co-Founder of BlogHer
Interests: yoga, chocolate, self-help books, sushi, foreign films, starbucks, europe, frozen yogurt, tofu, the color red, pop psychology, wine (red/white/pricey/trader joes/whatever, as long as it's good), anything with the word 'chipotle' in it, <i>the new yorker</i>, <i>amadeus</i>, the east coast (as long as i don't have to make a living there), any book/movie/article inferring there's an afterlife, did i mention wine?
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Don't know what it is--the fact that I've just emerged from a weekend at SXSW, it was International Women's Day on Friday, I got snubbed by a "prominent" male investor/entrepreneur that in the virtual world I respected, though in person not so much--but I am feeling my womanness of late. And no, guys, it's not because it's that time of the month. If anything, it's the world who's experiencing a hormonal shift. A digital analyst that I bumped into at SX in the lobby of the Hilton asked me what struck me as the big story at SX. I gave... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2013 at From Here to Autonomy
Years ago (and I mean YEARS--back in 2001), I was referred to Kimberly Wiefling as a coach by a dear friend. I was in my 20s and working at a dying tech startup and silently panicking about what to do with myself. I'd moved from New York to San Francisco to work at this startup, and now that it was in a death spiral, with the excitement of taking a company to acquisition or IPO dried up, I felt like a fish out of water. My career in publishing was back in New York, I reasoned, but over the past... Continue reading
Posted Feb 20, 2013 at From Here to Autonomy
My heart goes out to everyone on the East Coast who has lost power, property, and in a few cases, loved ones, due to Hurricane Sandy. I sit here in mostly Sunny California (OK, it rained last night during Halloween, but it doesn't blip on the inconvenience scale) and truly feel for everyone in the Tri-State area. But I feel a deeper sadness for a horrific tragedy that occurred just a few days before. One so painful that I can't even read an entire story about it or link to it--the tragic slaying of two children by their nanny. One... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy
Some people have a rodent problem; at my house it's the catalogues that seem to enter through the walls and procreate. They showed up in trickles and then seemed to arrive at a steadier rate the closer we got to the arrival of my second daughter. Now, a week into her life, it seems they are being drop-shipped in bulk. Or perhaps I'm just noticing them more. I try to resist earmarking every page of the LL Bean catalog. It's a funny thing--the hormonal shifts that accompany the post-natal period. All of a sudden I could see myself in a... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy
Who would have thunk that Gymboree could shed light on the dilemmas of tech and media businesses? As I do every week, I was with my daughter at a play class for 2 year olds. She has a thing for picking up balls and tossing them into a bin--something I don't discourage. She's rather obsessive about it; she likes to pick up EVERY ball, even the ones in the far corners of the room. I watched her pick up on behalf of the rest of the kids, and just as she was about to toss in the last ball, a... Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy
Hah! I promise you, once things get going you will be a ball of adrenaline. Chair not required.
Good point. But you know Julie would be mortified. The only other time we did an identity swap was in the 8th grade, and she felt so guilty she raised her hand and outed herself as my twin. She'd never get through Day 1.
Yes, I need to pick up some tips from Joy on how to suck in every Tweet and blog post from home. I'll miss you TW!
Kathy, it's bittersweet that I won't get to see you. I really wanted to see your session. You, and your journey, have been inspiring to ME! Trust me, you are in great hands. You will have the time of your life. Promise.
I'll miss you, Carmen! See you online!
...Lives beginning and lives ending...these are the moments we must pause everything else for. Oh Suebob I just got such a lump in my throat. You have to take those moments with your doggie.
C--nuh uh!!! That's not possible! ;) OK feeling a little bit better knowing another kindred spirit will be joining me on Twitter.
As the chatter about the BlogHer'12 Conference intensifies this week, I find myself in both an enviable and jealous place. Enviable, because I have the first-time luxury of viewing the excitement as others in the community do--in blog posts, on Twitter and across social media--something that Lisa, Elisa, and I try to do but never really get to do while we're onsite at BlogHer. Jealous, because I am watching from the sidelines this year--36 weeks pregnant. And while confident in my decision to not fly to NYC and run around on my feet all week (like I did at BH'10,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy
Indeed! If anyone knows about raising kids and working/achieving full time, it's you, Sheila!
Hi Genevieve! A book, huh? Lemme think about that :)
Bless you Marissa Mayer for taking the helm of Yahoo while being six months pregnant. I'm not joking! While you are hardly the first CEO/Mama to exist, you took the job at the height of your career, which just happened to coincide with those years when mothers/gynecologists/childbearing friends start to needle with good intentions about the approach of the "cliff"--you know the one; when good ovarian eggs suddenly become less easy to come by. You were in a position of power, and already pregnant, when a board concluded that they needed your talents. You didn't need to be apologetic or... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy
I've had 24 hours to marinate on the news of Marissa Mayer's appointment as CEO of Yahoo. Initially I was shocked by the immediacy of it all--Mayer resigned from Google Monday and started her new post at Yahoo! today, just days after reports of Jason Kilar taking himself out of consideration and Ross Levinsohn seeming the logical next choice. It seemed a Hail Mary move to save a company that was stroking out in the press; a shot of adrenaline thrust into the heart of an Internet giant that could either save it, or leave it a near-corpse, damaged from... Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy
It was such a provocative headline on I just had to check it out: "Sheryl Sandberg Leaves Work at 5:30. Why Can't You?" Provocative, I suppose, to women who work full time, on their own or on someone else's business, and who at some point in their careers wanted more in their work day than just work. Women like me, who clicked on the headline in her news aggregator, wondering, "and just how does she do that?" The Inc. Magazine piece cites a video for, a video project on AOL, in which Sandberg says: "I walk out of... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy
BlogHer has held events for seven years now, and all of them have something special about them. The Annual (we'll have our EIGHTH this year!!) in the summer is like a wedding--It's overwhelming, and yet, the show must go on. I always end up feeling like I didn't get to speak to anyone for any substantive length of time. Our smaller events are equally important, but feel less formal. For instance, with BlogHer Food I'm more an observer who moderates a panel from time to time. I get to experience more of these events as an attendee experiences them. BlogHer... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy
Olive has been sleeping later this week; she's still adjusting to the hour time change. It's still dark when she wakes up, and it's been gloomy in the mornings, as we've had days of much-needed rain in Northern California. I let her sleep on me for a minute before putting her limp body on the changing pad. I opened the blinds to let in the growing light. It was enough to open Olive's eyes. She pointed to the window next to her dresser. We've placed a tiny stool at that window for her so that she could step up and... Continue reading
Posted Mar 15, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy
Aby thanks as always for your thoughtful comment. All of this truly has been food for thought. I feel like we have more options than I'd realized.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2012 on Separation Anxiety at From Here to Autonomy
Jenn! How kind of you, Chica, to leave me a comment, before, even, I read the post over and realized that my title made no sense. You still managed to find something that sorta made sense to you. You are a pal. Don't beat yourself up about not posting--this is the most action my blog has seen in months. I write when I can. Just know your bloggy peeps are out there cheering for you, even if we don't get a post that day, or month, as the case may be.
(Correction: Apologies to the four people who read this post since I posted yesterday--the title was inaccurate. I never meant for the title to be "What Kleptomaniacs Can Teach Us About Content Strategy", but rather, "What PYROmaniacs Can Teach Us..." I was exhausted while eaking out the thoughts in that post and surely meant the reference to be to Pyromania, as I have no idea how Content Strategy relates to Kleptomania. Surely that's another post. Thanks to those of you who read the post and kindly said nothing, thinking I would read this post again in a more rested frame... Continue reading
Posted Feb 20, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy
Thank you thank you thank you for the perspective! I went into this thinking that it must be simpler than they make it out to me. Your comment reminds me that yep, it can be. On the flipside we're looking at nanny/shared nanny care so that Liv can still be around another kid or two but still have a good amount of attention. And Daddy can have some personal time! Will let you know how it goes!
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2012 on Separation Anxiety at From Here to Autonomy
I came back from a business trip and got the report from H-band. He'd gone to one of the local Montessori preschools in our neighborhood to see if it would be a fit for Liv. His take: It wasn't. "The kids seem so, I don't know, depressed." "Depressed? Gosh what do they do over there?" "Well it's not that overt. I just think that they must be … there's not a lot of space for running around outside." "It's a Montessori, hun. I would think that they engage the kids..." "I'm sure they do. But not like we engage Olive... Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2012 at From Here to Autonomy