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Good reminder post. I think more content like this is essential to inform people of what is really going on. I haven't been to Egypt yet but it's on the bucket list and I look forward to visiting soon! The great part of living now with access to all the social media tools, especially twitter, is that when I do decide to go, I can connect with people beforehand so when I arrive I get a much more personalized experience.
Great point. The same thing happened with the whole Facebook is creating a phone story that came out this weekend. First it was TechCrunch Then a Facebook response via Mashable And with Facebook its easier to get info from 3rd party news sources like TechCrunch & Facebook because well have you seen facebook's blog Yeah there is one thing to be first to spread the news vs the first to comment on the possibility of the news and it's implications. Very timely post
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Apr 28, 2010