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wow Alice, I am without words really.. And I love the written words by Michael, the Facebook user :) cheers
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2012 on A wine critic walks into a bar at The Feiring Line
Great post Alice, again! I just purchased 3 bottles of Hank's very limited 2010 Home Vineyard for my enjoyment when I am back in CA this summer! I will very likely publish a tasting note! I am looking forward even more now! Cheers!
What an interesting post! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!
John, it's a good point that you bring up that even natural wine still contains alcohol. But, most people who consume wine know that it contains alcohol because it states so on the label. What is not stated on the label is what concerns us and we are speaking of here. we have a right to know this as well, don't we? cheers,
alice, Looks like we missed each other at Werner and Angela's (Meinklang) by a couple of days! I was there Monday & Tuesday (27th & 28th). Did you see any shoes? ;) great wines here. Love the Graupert as well (bought 12 bottles). Also bought 48 of the Blaufrankisch and 48 of the Grüner (for my wedding - of course). Wish I knew you would have been there, I would have timed my trip a bit better :)
Joel Merely naming the grapes in their respective percentages on the back label of a wine bottle does not constitute an ingredient list. Many many producers list grapes
Joel, I hope you are joking..
Alice And of course it's this same wine industry that says that it is healthy to consume a glass of wine a day, and now they even say two or three glasses a day are healthy for the heart. What they fail to say is that what may be healthy is a glass or two of fermented grapes (real wine), without all the chemicals added to create a wine-flavored beverage. And these wines may be healthy in moderation, but certainly not the wines they are trying to sell us. And, we do care about where our food comes! Organic veggies and the such are found everywhere these days and many many consumers read ingredient labels like they are bibles. So don't say we don't care Dr Smart. I always ask the skeptics this: "have you ever seen the ingredients listed on the back label of a bottle of wine"?? No you haven't. This not because the only ingredient is grapes, this is because it is illegal to do so.. Come on now, think people! Why do you think it is illegal to print the ingredients on the back label of a bottle of wine??? Cheers Alice. Thanks for stirring the pot a little. And I also agree with you. The wines we drink taste damn good and don't burn going down.
hey Mark All of Frank's wines are made without the addition of sulfite's, but the label will still state "contains sulfite's" if there are more than 10mg of (naturally occurring) sulfur at time of bottling. So, although your bottle said "contains sulfite's", there were none added. On another note, I taste the wines of Frank Cornelissen almost on a daily basis and have written more than once about them on my blog, if you are interested in reading about them. I am quite sure that Alice also has written about his wines on more than one occasion. The wines can be a bit strange the first few times you experience them. They weren't designed to taste a certain way, rather they are an expression of his grapes in that particular vintage, nothing added and nothing taken. Perhaps you will develop a taste for them and perhaps not. I for one love them and think that his Munjebel Bianco is one of my favorite wines of all time. Frank's wines are drinkable when they are released, but I have on occasion tasted bottles with a few years of cellar age and in my experience become a bit more delicate and feminine. Cheers,
What?!! Contadino on the shelves at Whole Foods,UK??!! And, for only £14.99??!! ' Ok, i don't know how I feel about that... Part of me thinks WTF?! and the other part of me thinks...cooool. how do you feel about it Alice?
Nice interview Alice ...and of course thank you Jancis, always honest and fresh. And, she brings up a good point about conventional wine makers. Perhaps they feel a bit threatened because since natural wines get so much attention these days, this means that even the bad ones get attention. People often misunderstand (me) and think that we (I) suggest that since it's natural, it's good. BS. A good wine is a good wine . So, with all the attention that "natural wine" gets, the bad gets it too. The real topic here is that we should (or we prefer) our beverages to be as close to the raw material as can be. Sometimes this can be a revelation.. Just like the organic food movement was decades ago. At first, just because it was organic, meant it was good. We soon learned that some farmers stood out. We became selective.. I am rambling on a bit, but I hope my point was made! Great reading your post Alice, and we need to drink another glass together some day soon!
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May 21, 2011