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Having attended a Krug seminar recently, we were able to run through a quick usability test and do some of the things he talks about in the new book. It really is quite an eye opener. If you haven't done usability testing at least once, you really need to. You'll be suprised. A few take away notes: 1. Don't record what people think and/or say. The opinions of the testee are irrelevant. They're comments are irrelevant. It's ___what they do___ that is what is relevant. 2. You might think you have the best design, but you'd be surprised (really!) at what people do when confronted with your site. It will leave you scratching your head sometimes. Serious problems will be spotted almost instantly. 3. Use testers that have not seen the site before. Doing testing with people from the company is useless because they have likely used the site once. Even that level of familiarity is too much. Pay someone a few dollars to come in for a hour (you can even use unpaid family members if it comes to it :p). Krug's first work is about web usability, but this book is geared to testing, because people don't do it enough basically. It doesn't need to be complicated or expensive and until you do it you won't see it's importance.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2010 on Usability On The Cheap and Easy at Coding Horror
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Apr 2, 2010