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Joseph Singer
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Just FYI: Checked with a speedometer app and LR the fastest it ever gets is 30 MPH. Buses in town that never use the freeway are mostly around 18 MPH with occasional bursts of up to 30 MPH.
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KC Metro's racks built by Sportworks (in Woodinville, Washington) are _horrible_ and are supremely difficult to use. You need to push in on a button and then pull out often with great difficulty. Either the racks are badly designed or Metro sees no need to maintain them so that they work properly. Metro has had "demonstration" racks at several bike events and of course they work flawlessly but actual racks on bus not so much unfortunately and do not work so flawlessly and often work only with extended messing with them so they'll accept a bike or not work at all. Sportworks made a really bad design when they designed these "threesies" at least the double racks that they had previously were fairly easy to use. The current racks are anything but easy.
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You've still not answered what is proper whether to capitalize or not. Besides Redbox other companies such as AT&T use lower case at&t on all their signage but whenever people write about the company it's always AT&T.
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Apr 28, 2011