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This is a very fast Beetle. Not as fast as mine. 2005 PD Beetle TDI 150. I get better mpg's too.
5 years ago China had 5 million private owned automobiles. Today they are at 40 million and in 5 years it will be near 200 million. Go ahead Cali, tax yourself into oblivion, it's not like you don't have enough problems already. What's your real unemployment rate 18%....20%
It is still yet to be seen if the V6 can tow anything bigger than a pair of jetski's. The only V6 that has lived up to a V8 capability is the dodge (Cummins) deisel V6.
Results?......BAD This is plain out stupid, Gasoline is one of the worst things I can think of to mix with diesel. A few ounces of Primrose or PowerService is 100X better than any amount of gasoline. Hey guys, lets reduce the cetane # and cut the lubricants with an alcohol. Good Luck, cause.......your gonna need it.
3 years ago I was a huge cheerleader for algae biofuels. Feed CO2 from power plants to algae that get transformed into fuel. Talk about hitting the target with both barrels, Genius. However: Green Fuels Technologies had the best of all worlds. Open access to the perfect facilities, more money than they knew how to spend, top engineers and scientist, partners with 1st rate Know How and very deep pockets, no time constraints. Every busness in the world dreams of having half the advantages Green Fuels received. But, while their founder was accepting 'Invention of the Year' awards green fuels was failing. Oh, and the founder, Isaac Berzin, Yeah well, he skipped the country. I am all for the concept, as long as before any money is handed out, there is a guarantee that they won't just recreate Green Fuels failed experiments.
Harvey I am in no way saying we shouldn't try but wind is very unreliable and only possible if a small number of locations. Never put the words clean and solar in the same sentence unless you also include the word not. It takes more energy to make a photovoltaic cell than you can ever derive from it (IE: nothing is free). The process to turn a blank sub-strait into a photovoltaic cell uses a host of the most dangerous chemicals known to man. A dozen of the harshest acids and a dump truck full of precious metals. 98% pure liquid cyanide (a teaspoon full would kill 250 thousand if it got into the local water system) is used in the "bump" process. I worked for a company that manufactured solar cells for two years. I walked in a naive hopeful and walked out a realist.
Giant waste of money. Green Fuel Technologies blew through more than $200 million from 2001 to 2009 with absolutely nothing to show for it. $78M more to re-create the same failures. Brillant
Would you hate a SUV even if it got 50mpg? If you first thought is YES, you seriously need to consider seeking therapy.
Having 25 small states block legislation from time to time is Infinitely Better than having a few populous states run the entire country.
Wow, the number of people who would fail a civics class is astounding. "The 2 Senator per State may not be very democratic." Yes it is, it makes sure that small states have an equal say, (Delaware = Texas). Your representative resides in the House.
Average human being expells 800 pounds of CO2 per year - Currently 6.7 billion...... 6,700,000,000 X 800 = 5,360,000,000,000 pounds of CO2 per year. 2060 projected 11 billion....11,000,000,000 X 800 = 8,800,000,000,000 pounds of CO2 per year. And thats just the people, know how many cows, pigs and chickens it takes to feed an extra 4 billion people. Somehow I get the feeling it's not going to matter much what your driving.
Barriers don't reduce pollution, they concentrate it in a smaller area. Which sounds good, unless of course you have to use that road to get to work or school or the grocery store.
It will not happen because, by 2040 we will surpass the 10 billion mark and some bug that is a mix of Ebola and Malaria will wipe out 85% of the population. Problem solved for another few centuries.
Isn't California broke. Didn't they hand out IOU's for individuals tax returns and some current state employee paychecks. Before a state agency hands out any money they need to pay California's IOU's.
Can't beleive I have to post this. Someone hacked into the email server at University of East Anglia. Their reports have been used to push legislation in Europe and North America. Colluding and warping data to fit the theory of global warming. False information, outright manipulation of numbers, destroying evidence counter to thier AGW outcome, tactics on blackballing decenters of AGW....... Man it's bad - AGW might be a huge hoax. I'm depressed now.
Unless NAFTA is repealed, changing CAFE will have very little effect. The trucking industry is operating on razor thin margins. We have the technology to build resorts on the moon. Transportation costs are the reason they are not a reality.
Kelly Don't get too excited, this is just a photo op. Bush didn't sign Kyoto China signed Kyoto, and then blatantly disregarded it. net = the same
Won't need much marketing if it's priced right. After all incentives, if it's 35-40K it will have very low sales, if it's 20-25K they will sell as many as they can make.
No, I use mostly reclaimed fryer oil in my TDI. I installed a six speed transmition and I recently averaged 58 mpg's on a trip to Albequerque and back. I just don't kid myself. By the time a Volt actually shows up at a dealership near you we will pass the 7 billion mark. Oh, and by 2016 when the new Cafe standards kick in, we will be pushing 7.5 billion.
America switching to electric vehicles & renewable energy = less CO2 in the air. Will not make 1 iota of difference. China and India are are adding people to the planet at a rate that equals TWICE the population of California each year. Every single person in the US could ride bicycles to work every day and it would never make up for China opening two coal fired power plants per week. If CO2 is truly a time bomb, We are already done.
carbon-free??????? uuuugh??????? Isn't everything carbon based???????? Light is not made of carbon..... What ever 'burned' to create the light, was. I've lived 30 miles form Palo Verde since the day it was built. No, I don't glow, in fact I'm in better health than most my age.
Cap and Trade will cause an economic nightmare. What if your local electric company decides that it's just too much and simply locks the doors and walks away, in January. What do you think the unemployment # will be when the rest of the manufacturing jobs leave the US. just came out with their worst cars of the decade. The Smart fortwo garnered the #1 spot. They listed reasons of lack of space, bad suspension and handling, poor efficiency for its size and the crowning achievement of a rollover factor fit for an SUV.
I love how everyone just glosses over the 8+ Billion people number. The Phillipenes are already being crushed by thier overpopulation. Malaysia and southern China are close to the tipping point. By 2025 China and India have to figure out how to feed and water an extra 1 billion mouths. China is in its hayday right now, 16 years from now it could have some very serious problems.
Well there it is, Toyota won't be making plug-ins. There will be another speach in about five years on how concerned they are about the viability of a fool cells. I first came to this board about 5 years ago. Back then the buzz was about all the cars that would be electric by 2010. Keep holding your breath......