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Joseph Wilder
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CA could start by undoing the $100 extra tax on registering EVs.
I didn't see anything about nuclear waste. Where's it going to go? and How?
Wow! No more red light tickets. Could also relieve us of the delays from people texting at traffic stops.
There's something inelegant about stop/start the way it's often implemented. The way I prefer to see it work is "Start on a roll" (SOAR) where the electric motor gets the car going, then momentum is used to start the engine. This way of starting the engine is almost unnoticeable. The other way where the car shuts off at a stop light, then restarts when your foot is taken off the brake is noisy and prone to vibration. SOAR is the better way.
This article doesn't take into account natural gas solutions in its comparison.Without NG being a part of the discussion, it's not worth considering.
It seems to be too early to be making battery powered cars. Perhaps when Li-air gets here they will be viable. As for fuel cells and hydrogen, the fact that so many large car makers are working on it gives me hope that they see a way to make it work. If I were to gamble on one vs the other I'd put my money on fuel cells instead of batteries. What would be a great stop-gap is if they could figure out how to make hydrogen from gas at the gas station. That would give us time to put together a hydrogen infrastructure.
I like it. Where the gas Smart didn't quite cut it, this one makes a ton of sense. I hope MBZ sets a price point which will encourage interest in a small EV
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Aug 16, 2011