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Here's the thing though, Ronald McDonald is marketed towards young children, between the ages of 5 and 10. Personally I believe the responsibility lies with the parents to control their children's caloric intake. While fast food is admittedly deplorable, last I checked, the consumption of such food is not yet illegal. McDonald's has been marketing to children for decades and while yes, we're an incredibly obese society, you can't just blame McDonald's for that, as some people found the will power to only eat 25 Big Macs in their entire lifetime rather than 25,000. Fast food as a whole is marketed to the entire lazy American population. Whether it's Taco Bell marketing to that teenager who just needs a "fourth meal" after puffing a little of the Mary Jane. Or Sonic marketing to people who just never want to leave their car and don't have to worry about fitting into one of those pesky booths inside a restaurant when they can just sit in their car. If you want to attack Ronald McDonald, go after sweet little Wendy, The Colonel, and the King too. But maybe, just maybe, parents should stop blaming everyone else for their fat kids.
I have two theories on this. One is defending my Generation Y and the other is probably what most Boomers assume. Pro Gen Y- Current information is so much more available for this generation. We can learn about live events happening at any place in the world at the click of a button. Our basic desire for knowledge is more than fulfilled with current events. If we're watching a television show, possibly "Modern Family" not only can we watch every episode ever produced with relative ease, we can also read up on all of the actors on the show and see what other things they may have done. Now, while the fact that Chris didn't know that Archie Bunker was the lovable racist from "All In The Family" is devastating to me as someone who calls him a close personal friend; I can still see where he feels his time is better spent watching "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Seinfeld" reruns. Pro Baby Boomers- Gen Y'ers are lazy and self involved. Much like as you said yourself that the Baby Boomers are "The Greatest Generation", Gen-Y'ers also believe that they are the chosen ones, which really ticks the Boomers off. As a Gen-Y'er I freely admit that some of my peers are less than motivated to begin any sort of semblance of a real life. We rely on our family more than past generations and living at home into our late 20's is perfectly acceptable. Now I moved out when I was 19, but most of my friends are still gingerly living at home at 25 and have no issues commuting into Boston everyday with a lunch that mommy packed for them. So it is possible that we don't respect our past or any of the knowledge that comes along with it. But I don't believe that's the reason that the Iran-Contra Affair or Dan Quayle aren't part of our knowledge. I think Gen Y'ers have information overload and are processing all we can. Although, not knowing who Mike Eruzione is, could very well be the most tragic part of our generation, as the Miracle on Ice was the crowning moment of hockey in the USA. It will never be beaten, it will never be matched. I can make no excuse for our generation for missing out on that tidbit of knowledge.
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Ended as you'd expect. Held on to both of them for as long as possible; feeling like I was living a double life. Then within a matter of a week, both relationships ended. Neither in hostility, so I'll take that as a victory. Or, as Charlie Sheen would say "winning, duh".
As a younger man the show that influenced me the most was... Boy Meets World (ABC) This show covered just about every single social situation I've gotten into in my life. Whether it be falling in "love" with two women, dealing with a best friend who has some issues, or battling myself to succeed in life. May not be a critically acclaimed show, or even generally respected by the population as a whole. But growing up along with the Matthews family was an experience that I wouldn't be me without. P.S. I also second the Seinfeld pick.
Like the post. What I've been seeing a lot is vendors encouraging their customers to use social media to engage the end user; come to find out the vendor barely has a social media presence themselves.
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