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Its an odd explanation of how I became aware of Baloney Joe's. My mother always called it Joe Joe's. But my story also starts with the very first time I ever went to Disney on Ice. You see when I was about 6 ("1986") my mother told me I was going to see Disney on Ice and that we were going with some people that I never seen before. It was a woman and her husband, They looked like normal people to me and nothing seemed off to me other than that they really wanted to make sure I was enjoying my self. What I later learned was that the people who had came with us had been some people the my mother had seen and in some way helped while volunteering at Joe Joe's. They really wanted to repay my mother by taking me to the show. I guess that at that point they had managed to get back their feet and that was their way of showing my mother their gratitude for she had done for them. What I didn't realize at that moment was that until I knew about their situation I really had no idea about the homeless. After I learned about their situation I could not understand why they would want to spend what little money they had on showing my mom they they cared. Today that has been something I think about often. I wish I could thank them today and let them know just how that little event has shaped my view of the world and how its created values that I still hold true today. So to the man and woman who took me out for a great night on the town I would like to offer the same today to you.
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Jul 17, 2015