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Hi Chad, Another good post, thank you. I'm only a few pages into this and I have a couple of observations/questions. I'm using esxi 4.0/update 1. As with some other individuals, eth2 did not show up. By adding an additional virtual adapter to the VM eth2 showed up, and shows its being brought up during the POST. After I configured it, anytime I reboot it, it starts up with the interface down. Eth0 and Eth1 are brought up, but I have to manually bring up eth2 everytime. Any ideas? When trying to regenerate the VSA serial to match the UUID, I get the following error during/after is says 'shutting down nas services...', "/bin/rm: cannot remove '/nas/quota/slot_2/.etc/dp/dic/BB0050569B486E0000': No such file or directory" After that the VSA hangs and I have to do a manual reboot. A side note: smartd fails during POST (never seen it pass). My final question (this post, i'm sure i'll have plenty more as I go through this process!) is with the required physical infrastructure. I have two physical NICs, but not enough ports to plug more than one in on my switch, is it a MUST for two physical NICs to get this working? Thanks for everything you do and provide to the communiuty. -Josh
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Hi Chad, Does the Q6600 support FT? Have looked (not very well) via google, but haven't been able to find anything on it. Thanks, and great post. -Josh
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Jan 25, 2010