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And if this Arctic cyclone happens: Just, no words, really.
Seke, that would put the melt stopping when, mid-September? Ghoti, They don't want to make absolutist statements but Claire did chide one of the others for "downplaying." It was fairly early on when it was suggested it would follow a 2007-2008 recovery. The trend is clearly not the same though. Also their audio quality is atrocious. :P For what it's worth I do think there will be a recovery but the arctic is clearly not the same. I'm thinking first summer ice free by 2015-2016.
NASA is having a conference on the record breaking sea ice melt here: Should be recorded there for later if you miss it.
Found the Neven guest blog preview here (for those who are interested, I'm sure he'll be updating this blog really soon now): :O
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2012 on ASI 2012 update 10: (wh)at a loss at Arctic Sea Ice
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Aug 30, 2011