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Ok-moving onto variables - why aren't snowflakes the size of our hands? Why don't they vaporize on contact? I'm being facetious but think of the sheer number of atoms and molecules in a snowflake. Yet it fits perfectly along with all of these other elements in our systems. I suppose our world could possibly adjust to a different type of nature (a hypothetical world), but I think the underlying thing is that a snowflake is mysterious. It crystalizes out of the air under certain conditions and is vital to our planet..It is as much a part of life as the plants and animals? Some say the raindrop is perfectly shaped you know..I think the whole should be taken as a sign of intelligent design..
No one can assert that a snowflake is undesigned. It's design allows it to hit the earth and stack and attach with other snowflakes. Why isn't it hail, or sleet, or some other form of frozen water? Why does it's melting at certain times of the year replenish fresh water reserves, perpetuating a cycle that sustains plant and animal life the way it does on Earth? Why is it 6 sided, (the number of man)? Christians hold that all things are held together in Christ, which could certainly even apply to the very atoms in our universe. I would not make a claim that the design of a snowflake is that fundamentally different from any of God's other designs, although the designs found in lifeforms, (ex DNA), are even more bolsterous of our claims. A snowflakes beauty gives God glory; it attests of the wonder of the order of the laws of physics that frozen water could align in such a way. All of this points to intelligent design or else you have to claim that chance enabled these billions of examples, over "millions of years".
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May 17, 2016