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Jan 29, 2010
Great pics....great slides...great activity. I'm trying to figure out how to shamelessly steal this idea as course projects and for our own work on library spaces. Thank you for putting your amazing slide deck on slideshare. I went and got the Washington Post article EDUCAUSE would do a great thing if all conference presentations were required to be placed on Slideshare..... slide 62 looks like my office view
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2009 on "No kindergarten classrooms!" at CC blog
This seems worth exploring. 2 questions: 1) Will students be able to search and grab videos for their own use. 2) How much control of the videos will the students have of the videos to mash them up in iMovie etc. Simply providing media is no longer enough - we need to provide a way for students to do something with that media. Of course the usual concerns apply about material behind locked behind walls......
Awesome.....this is the sort of graphic I'd love to see the Dartmouth page use. Dynamic content. Scannable.
Hi are right...I should give this info. Part of me wants to have no distinction in or paper (or e-paper)...but you make a good point. As a rule, I read non-fiction in audio and fiction in paper. WaiterRant was dead trees.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2009 on August 2009 books at CC blog
Brian...this is the greatest blog commentary I've ever read. Seriously...I hope you post this on the YouTube video...and maybe even track down the creator and send your comments. In my mind, the force of your critique helps prove the point of the value of this sort of platform and creation for learning. If a student had turned in a paper with all these bad sources and questionable conclusions then the critique would have been private and hidden. Having student work posted online, and having faculty, students, and other interested parties critique the work both expands the critique and increases the push towards accuracy. We never said that students will automatically create great work if they post it online. Students need to get their 10,000 hours, find their passion, and engage in communities. My point is that social media platforms, web publishing platforms (like YouTube) and authoring tools (like iMovie, Jing, Relay..etc. etc.) allow a range of students to become creators and sharers. So the author has had the presentation viewed 500,000 times. How can your critique get out there into the conversation? How can we push this student (I'm assuming they are a student for rhetorical purposes) to learn how to build arguments with sound evidence? This seems like learning to me.'s about education and technology? I just liked the tune. Very danceable.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2009 on we need our own song at CC blog
I'm thinking that the EDUCAUSE publications need to be in the forefront of this technology.
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2009 on Video in your next issue of... at CC blog
I predict this will be a popular 7 Things. Count on us to give you more feedback then you can handle (we will send 99 things!)
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2009 on Google Wave at CC blog
Lanny....went and watched all of usual it looks like you are ahead of the game. These are great. I very much think that pushing out rapid authoring and public publishing tools is our future.....
Definitely "print worthy". Also a great example of how a community blog works - in that with a colleague recommending this article it moves to the top of my cue to read. We are deluged with information and worthwhile materials. Having this sort of social filtering really works. I wonder how we could scale this model? I think MS should be very worried about the Chrome OS. Google will be able to push the cost of a Chrome netbook dramatically down - capturing customers in their search based (and advertising driven) ecosystem. MS needs to purchase Acer or some other OEM and come out with a Bing Netbook. The BingBook. They could fulfill a charitable mission by creating the true $100 laptop - and at the same time optimize the BingBook around the online Office suite and search.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2009 on Google and the Cloud OS... at CC blog
I've argued, and will continue to argue, that the real opportunity with presentation capture is widely distributing the tool (to faculty and students) and giving them the option of publishing to public platforms (such as YouTube/EDU and iTunesU). In this sense, I agree with Barbara's every last word.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2009 on Opencast gets funding at CC blog
I wonder if the communities disapproval of these legal tactics was communicated and heard at BB World? The continued litigation that Brian links in his comment makes the job of defending BB more difficult for us folks who tend to think that the case against the company is oversold.
I'm much more sympathetic then the "critics" who have responded so far. Leave aside Kaplan for a minute...and think about the message. This includes "learning how you learn to serve you better" and, using technology to enable learning, and a recognition of the need to share knowledge outside of the walls of the classroom. Sounds good to me. Fact is that much of the innovation in learning is coming out of online learning and the for-profit sector. The video does what is should, that is spark some thinking and discussion.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2009 on Time for a new university? at CC blog
Does Bloom get royalties every time we use his framework to organize our thinking about teaching and learning? What would the Helm framework look like?
Malcolm....took you up on your offer and downloaded/printed the exec summary. Reading through made me wish for a mechanism that we could share this sort of evidenced based finding with faculty and administrator colleagues. Our arguments for investments in resources and people to develop and teach courses in a hybrid manner, taking advantage of the CMS to complement the classroom worked, would be greatly strengthened by studies such as these.
Any blog post that can work in a challenge of tenure, a Japanese story, Free, and a real world academic example has my vote! Wonder what Anderson would have to say about how our current P&T systems facilitate or discourage innovation? Maybe we should figure out how to bring him to campus and ask him.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2009 on Alternative Scholarly Recognition at CC blog
Anthony....I just love that image of you Googling away in the classroom: "I was actively Googling things that would come up and, when appropriate, signal the professor. My search results could then be shown to the class. It worked beautifully, and allowed for a much richer classroom experience." Why isn't this scalable to having all the students do this? Or having a break after 15 minutes where students need to Google something related to what topic is being covered and then "add value" for the rest of the class? This would be a great opportunity to both get the students involved, and also have a discussion about what makes up credible sources and information. Come to think about it, the role you were playing requires significant skill in both the discipline and in research - and is probably something we should think about how to teach. Great post.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2009 on Tweeting in the back row at CC blog
Sorry..I meant to say that "MS should buy Blackboard".
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2009 on Microsoft vs. Google at CC blog
Agreed that it is all to the good for Google to have some competition in search. I'm not so sure that Bing will make much difference to us in the learning technology world - unless that is that MS is able to bundle services around Bing as Google is doing. What about a Bing OS on a Bing branded Netbook - where MS basically gives the netbook away in return for having Bing has the default search engine (with Bing or MS branded online apps)? The power of Google is the Google is able to cross-subsidize services (mail, docs, collaboration, apps, storage?)with search advertising. Microsoft needs to figure out a cross-subsidy model to grow Bing as an ecosystem. I'm reading Anderson's Free maybe I'm under the influence....but what if MS gave away Bing branded netbooks to college students. (I still argue that MS should buy Microsoft and bundle the services...CMS with apps in the cloud)..but that is a different argument.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2009 on Microsoft vs. Google at CC blog
Now you've got me excited for the next post.... Completely agree that an either/or argument for/against the CMS misses the point. The issue is how to have the CMS and Web 2.0 play to their strengths. What I'd like to hear from you is your thoughts on where Blackboard falls out on these issues - and your thinking on how we (in the community) can best influence the company? Great post.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2009 on One of my Favorite Drums at CC blog
Learning Technology Implications of Chrome OS: 1. Netbooks will proliferate. Chrome OS will dramatically drive down costs of Netbook, as price will fall as supply scales to meet demand. The hardware will move closer to the "free" price point, as Google can subsidize both the OS, the on-board software, and maybe even the hardware in order to capture eyeballs into the Google advertising driven business model. 2. As Netbook penetration grows the proportion of time that learners spend interacting with learning content and tools will also grow. This means that we will need to design our content and apps for small screens, keyboards etc. etc. 3. As Netbook prices fall and their utility increases the ubiquity of these devices will increase. This raises the importance of having our institutions education content and product out their on the Web so it can be found and consumed. What this means to Apple? I don't think all that much as Apple will continue to be a high-end provider of premium tools. The Chrome OS will make major inroads at the low end given Google's advertising cross- subsidy. The big loser will of course be Microsoft, who is being squeezed to the worst possible position - the middle. The solution for MS, as I've argued, is to release a subsidized MS Netbook - one that steers buyers to their services.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2009 on Chrome OS: the fun never stops at CC blog
The ability to project a screen from a pocket device will allow ad hoc groups to form, share and view content. A learning group can work anyplace that they can project an image. No more need for dedicated rooms with projects and learning can be spontaneous. Technologies such as these will push us to think in new ways about learning spaces.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2009 on Already the netbook is passe at CC blog
Good article. Chronicle also covered this at: I'm hoping that posts such as these can help form a dialogue with our library colleagues.
Laura..thanks for taking this on. I look forward to you taking on our gaps in educational technology. Sure...Amazon doesn't play. But their are other audiobook providers. Have you looked at Tantor Media They have a great catalog and they work with libraries. I'm very curious about how (and if) libraries and librarians are approaching this issue - and even if they see it as an issue. Thanks again for jumping in - looking forward to continuing this conversation in person.