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Great post Joe and I anxiously await a chat with you about Highlighter :) You are spot on about the sharing. We have seen that sharing on all of the sites that have our WordPress plugin installed see a 9:1 ration of shares (to Twitter, Facebook, or email) over actually making a comment. We were originally shocked by this but after reflecting and talking with some of our publishers, it is because we have piggy backed on a behavior that readers are already doing. That is to highlight something then copy and paste it into another browser or into Twitter or Facebook etc. We are really looking forward to our new version coming out that provides analytics for this data back to the publisher and double excited about our technology moving from just websites and blogs but into ebooks. If our hypothesis is correct, big and small ebook publishers will receive even more value from using something like you proposed or something similar to Highlighter than strictly web publishers because ebook publishers haven't had access to tools that allow for such easy sharing, or analytics prior.
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Mar 2, 2011