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Josh Otis
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This is the first game V-mart has caught against the Sox this year, yeah? 4 steals in an inning feels like what other teams did to the Sox last year. ...guess Cameron won't be stealing, victor catches a break there.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2011 on Doubles: Sox-Tigers Twinbill Gamer at YFSF
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You know, I wonder if the "Tim Wakefield is done" idea is a little premature. He had a terrible record last year, but looking at the graphs on Fangraphs it doesn't look like any of his stats are or were out of line with previous years. His K/9 took a hit, and has been trending down for years; his BB/9 is similarly trending down. Otherwise, everything else looks pretty reasonable; his LOB% went way down, and maybe he just got unlucky with hits with RISP? I'm not much of a sabermetrician, but I don't see much in the numbers, other than W/L, that is strongly indicative of the drastic decline that seemed to happen. If, in fact, he's the same .500 pitcher that he's been throughout his career, I'd be happy to see him remain the 5th starter for the season.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2011 on Friday Megagamer: Sox/Yanks Dual Thread at YFSF
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May 16, 2011