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@David: to each his own, it's all up to personal preference on what you prefer reading on. For me the e-ink display is the only way to go because it is just like reading an actual book, no backlight. No headaches or eye strain like a computer display. I have a feeling that is why Amazon is keeping the kindle 'in the past.' And, when I want to read I want to be immersed in a book, I don't want to watch videos or look at glossy pictures, that's what my computer is for. It sounds like you want to have one device that does it all. The iPad then makes much more sense, so why not just get the iPad and download the Kindle reader for iPad to get the best of both worlds? I'm glad there's good competition in the tablet/ebook space, there will be lots of innovation, and hopefully different kinds of products, not just one uber reader. After traveling around the world for the last 15 months I've found it's so much more flexible to take a kindle or iPad than a couple of books, so in the end it's just about personal preference and which product/platform you choose to use.
I completely disagree that the Kindle is behind the times and no longer relevant. I own a kindle and an iPad, and for reading, I prefer the kindle hands down. It's all about the e-ink: it's much more easy on the eyes and pleasant to read than on the ipad since there's no backlight. When I'm reading a book, I want to read a book and not watch video. When I want to check out all the multimedia I just use my computer or ipad or iphone to do that. The other bonus is that the battery lasts weeks. I see the huge problem with the kindle and ebooks in general the number of books available, but as there is more acceptance and a larger market of people buying them, publishers won't be able to ignore the demand.
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Nov 19, 2010