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Joshua Desjardins
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I think any review can be important, so long as it's CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. I can't stand when ANYONE bashes something with their words, but never offers any advice on how to fix it. That's not being a critic, that's just being judgmental. So again, if the review offers both opinions about what they liked and what they thought wasn't working and WHY, then yes, I think it should at least be considered. And yes, I do believe critics are important to an out-of-town run. I am sure MANY shows have developed between their out-of-town or even off-Broadway runs before making it to the Great White Way. And I am also sure that many of those shows took to heart what the critics had to say.
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I agree with this comment fully! I loved Sister Act, but I totally missed "Hail Holy Queen." There are other movies I would love to see on Broadway, like Moulin Rouge or First Wives Club (which is in the works, isn't it?), but what would FWC be like with out "You Don't Own Me?" It's just not the same...
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For the past YEAR, I've been working on a show with my singing partner, Joshua Warr. The show is called "Joshing Around," and after 7 performances, we've ready to take our show on tour this summer to cabaret venues all along the east coast. I feel this seminar could help us turn our dreams into a MAJOR reality this year. Check out more at! :)
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The greatest musical ever written is--by far--Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods." We often lose sight of those who look up to us as role models, but this musical is a true reminder that "children will listen..." :)
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Dec 18, 2011