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Joshua Feinberg
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Jul 1, 2010
Hi Peter, A "seed list" refers to a list of email addresses that a user has saved within the test email function of our older email workflows. You could previously save a list of up to 10 email addresses with First and Last names populated. With our new and enhanced test email functionality you can convert those seed lists as actual mailing lists which will enable you to do additional personalization testing before sending your live email. Let me know if you have any additional questions or need further assistance. Sincerely, Josh Feinberg VP, Product Management VerticalResponse, Inc twitter: @joshuafeinberg
Hi Laurence, Great feedback here, thanks for sharing. The ability to create an email and save it as a template is on our product backlog and we'll be looking to get this released later in the year. It will be a huge time-saver for new and experienced users and in your case, someone who is working on behalf of other clients. Let me check on the other request about locking down some of the content as I know we've discussed this idea in the past. I'd want to get some specifics on what the options might be for Email Wizard and Email Canvas editor types. Sincerely, Josh Feinberg VP, Product Management VerticalResponse twitter: joshuafeinberg
Jeremy, Thanks for your post. This is definitely something we hear a lot and we've been discussing internally the best way we might go about implementing this in a future release. I don't have an exact time frame to provide you but we'll update the VR Product Blog with specifics as we nail down some of the key details. Can we ping you down the road for user feedback on this to make sure we're meeting your needs? Sincerely, Josh Feinberg VP, Product Management VerticalResponse twitter: joshuafeinberg
Hi Melissa, We're working on getting a better spell checking tool into the new Email Wizard, we should have that available in the next few weeks -- sorry for the delay! I've also spoken with our dev team on the undo/re-do function (also noted by Carrie in her post above) and I think we've got a good solution for that as well. Re: the re-sizing of blocks, it's probably not something we'd be able to do within the Email Wizard based on how things are set up. You'll get additional formatting options using our Email Canvas tool but I definitely recommend the Email Wizard for overall ease-of-use if you don't want to play around with raw HTML. Let me know what questions you have, I'm happy to help! Josh Feinberg VP, Product Management VerticalResponse @joshuafeinberg
Hi Chad, We actually do have some templates that are set up to have both horizontal and vertical blocks. Basically when you drag a content block into your message it will take the shape of the section you are dropping it into. What category or template have you been using? I can show you some examples of what I'm talking about if you'd like and if we don't have one that meets your needs we can create one. Let me know, would love your feedback! Josh Feinberg VP, Product Management VerticalResponse @joshuafeinberg
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May 6, 2010