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the one-sidedness, harshness and lack of perspective in these comments is unbelievable and unfortunate. r' weiss is a torah jew with a long record of standing for israel. from a torah jewish perspective what he did was not an avera. it was not a sin. he did not in any way, Gd forbid, desecrate the name of G-d. he made a bad judgment at a very valuable p.r. moment. for this to skewer him, his reputation, his character completely falsely and equate him with the real enemies could infact be considered an avera. r' weiss did not endanger the jewish people with his failure to speak out at that moment. people, there is a very vital matter of perspective and knowing whom one is speaking about. someone like olmerde, or jewish congressman who support the current administration...these are people who can be openly criticized harshly with good reason and good cause. most unfortunately, no one here seems to see that there is a critical, crucial difference between taking someone to task, challenging them or erroneously slashing his character, equating him with enemies of israel.
people: i said, again and again, that yes, r' weiss should've spoken differently. he should've spoken up and against the enemy, giving clarity that's needed today. i do not argue that. what i argue is against an ad-hominem that depicts him falsely as a 'throat slitter', 'jewicidal', 'dhimmi' etc. you don't assassinate the character of a good man, with a long devoted history for the jewish people based on one mistake infront of the press. you can take him to task. but to wrongly slash his character publicly is not only terrible, it hurts our cause. how come nobody sees that???
alas. i don't disagree with you taking him to task. i disagree with the inaccurate ad-hominem on him. i don't claim to know who Gd's 'rooting' for. he is not a 'dhimmi'. his track record of standing up for israel and against the very lefties you decry is quite evident. he has done more for israel and the jewish people than many. so it's totally an unfair character assassination to use that kind of portrayal. do i agree with his response? no. would i question or take him to task? yes. would i use damaging, inaccurate language depicting him as one of the murderers or kapos? no. and that is where the issue is.
correction: "on" a real mensch
i see you point in rigorously taking r' weiss to task for an important missed opportunity. my view is that he does not merit being called "throat slitter" or 'jewicidal'. the slitters are the jihadis, the jewicidals are the lefty kapos on j-street or w/the resident in thief. an inaccurate ad-hominem or a real mensch doesn't help us. for whatever 'public relations' reasons, weiss didn't say what he could have and should have, this is no reason to publicly skewer him with false labels that slash his image and character. public humiliation of someone is akin to shedding blood, in the talmud. in this case, r' weiss in absolutely no way merits the harsh,extreme and false language used against him.
serious mistake here. it is wrong to heap all this abuse on a great jew. rabbi avi weiss is a committed orthodox jew who loves israel, the jewish people and all of humanity. it is terribly wrong to lable him as 'jewicidal', a word reserved for 'j-street' or the current court jews in the white house. see: i know many rabbis who admire this man for all of his great work on behalf not only of the jewish people and israel, but untold numbers of people he helps personally. the second temple was destroyed because of the lack of ahavas yisroel, love of one's fellow jew. the next and last one will be built on love. "olam chesed yibaneh" the world is build on lovingkindness, psalms 89. your attack on this fine man is totally misplaced, unwarranted, and damaging.
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