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Josiah Ickes
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Interesting Post, you should teach! Anyways, I noticed you are using instant light charcoals. You should try Coconut charcoals. They're made out of coconut shell fibers, and they burn for at leat 100 minutes with full heat! The only downside to these charcoals is the time it takes them to light... They take a couple of minutes, they're not instant. But because you have a gas burner, as I see in the pictures, it would be much easier to light them. You won't have any of that "fine powdery mess" and what's most important, you won't inhale any coal. I myself have 2 hookahs for my personal use and about 10 for my hookah catering business. Oh, and cherry flavored shisha is best when mixed with Cola flavored shisha ;D
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2009 on More hookah at Geek of All Trades
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Nov 17, 2009