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I'm a huge Maddow fan and Rachel is very liberal, but she is not a pacifist or an ideologue. She believes war is necessary at times. She is skeptical about COIN, but when we used it in Vietnam, we lost. This war is very different. She has actually read the COIN manual cover-to-cover in preparation for an interview when the manual first came out. I watched all the shows from Afghanistan, including the web exclusives on Maddowblog, and I actually feel I'm beginning to understand exactly what you're doing there, if it's working and can be successful, and I feel I've heard some good answers to some hard questions. I think we have a real shot at success. We already won the war we started there, but we left Afghanistan to simmer in the shadow of Iraq, and the Taliban came back when we failed to do what you're doing now to rebuild a country that has been in shambles since the Soviet invasion in 1979. As you have found, Rachel is wicked smart and one of the best journalists out there. She began as a political pundit, but has taken her show deep into real and great journalism. She's an outlier of the best kind, and I highly recommend giving her show a try for at least a week. You may not agree with her viewpoint, but she sticks to the real facts and never hits below the belt on any interview, even if she has to take some nasty punches to interview a person of very different viewpoints. She's even nice to Pat Buchanan, and they couldn't be more opposite. She doesn't openly support many organizations, but the IAVA is one of the two she supports. The other is the ACLU. She is a huge supporter of our troops, veterans, and their families because when we call you to war, we are asking you to pay the ultimate price for our freedom, and for that sacrifice we the people owe you the best care and opportunities for the rest of your lives. We owe you more than the benefits we provide can ever repay you. If you have a different point of view and are willing to debate her on the facts, she would love to talk with you. Just be prepared, because she will be. Sherri Grew up a Navy brat during the Vietnam era.
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Jul 14, 2010