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Joseph Dunphy
Underemployed professional discussing life on a budget in Chicago.
Interests: Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Fiction Writing, Theater, Cooking, Photography
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I'm referring to a blog about Posterous, not a blog by Posterous, created in response to Posterous' continuing insistence on trying to steer the direction of conversation on the Posterous Spaces announcement post away from the sensible conclusion that Posterous Spaces was a disaster, by blocking many of the comments... Continue reading
. Continuing from my previous post ... A day later, some of the functionality has returned, after Posterous' ill advised decision to mangle its own system, for the sake of being able to do a press release, but that functionality is far from being back to normal. The navigational problems... Continue reading
. Note to readers of this blog: Posterous is where I've had a mirror to this blog hosted, for a while. I have no intention of closing the blog you're reading, at the moment. I am thinking of closing the mirror over at Posterous, for reasons you'll see explained, below.... Continue reading
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1901 Pomar Way Walnut Creek, CA 94598 (925) 286-7573 Contact information found via a domain name search at Network Solutions. This social networking site was profiled in a San Francisco Weekly article which focused on an innovative business concept that has distinguished this site from some of its rivals, one... Continue reading
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