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I'm so glad that your friend pulled a "Lucy!" and that you are my classmate in this endeavor. You really capture in this blog that human-to-human connection we make when we listen to stories. I'm really struck about how much we learn about each other as we listen to each story and how we collectively create a community in this process.
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I am so glad that you chose to join the storytelling class! Your stories are always so compelling and meaningful. I look forward to hearing your insights in class and your wonderful stories!
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What a beautiful idea, Mark, and a way to share this legacy with others! Years ago, my husband I and used to buy items at estate auctions in box lots. They would often contain photographs or letters. When we would find those, we would contact the auctioneer -- because, surely, the family did not know that these were included in the sale! More times than not, the auction house would call back and tell us that the family did not want them. It broke our hearts!
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Sally, you eloquently expressed how I feel being in class. This is my first storytelling class ever, but I find that listening to others in this workshop setting is so informative. Not to mention, it's so entertaining, too!
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You do tell good stories, Cindi! You have such a way with your stories -- they are always engaging. Thanks for sharing the story about your parents.
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Dee, your experience was nearly the opposite of mine when I took a stand-up class! I felt like I didn't have enough of an "edge" in my class. Your teacher was certainly uninformed, since storytelling has been what binds our communities for millennia!
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Sep 30, 2018